Marines Charitable Foundation has received 30 new BTR-82A

Marines coastal forces of the Baltic Fleet (BF) got into service 30 new BTR-82A, inform the War Department. 

"The advantages of new armored Marines will appreciate during the field training the summer training period. In the near future in connection expected to arrive more than 50 units of armored personnel carriers of this type ", — the" Interfax "on Tuesday, the official representative of BF Captain 2nd Rank Vladimir Matveyev.

Firepower BTR-82, he said, twice the capabilities predecessors. Instead of a machine-gun turret got a new car combat module with automatic cannon 2A72 30-mm paired with the 7.62-mm machine gun PKTM. Arms are motorized vertical and horizontal aiming and digital plane stabilizer arms, which allows accurate fire on the move, the officer said.

Oh also noted that to improve handling on the command armored vehicles mounted digital radio kriptozaschischennye fifth-generation F-168, the system of topographical orientation "Throne-1" and combined monitoring devices commander.

In order to improve the security personnel on the inner surfaces of the body is set Ballistic protection. Regular place gunner moved from the tower into the case, which also increased its security. All seats are mounted on energy-fixing. The machine is equipped with advanced fire-fighting system. In order to improve the comfort of finding the crew in the car and reduce its fatigue in the APC-82a mounted air conditioning system, which also serves to optimize the conditions for the operation of electronic devices and appliances.

"Now the crews of combat vehicles on the road and learn vododromah especially driving armored personnel carriers and cross country afloat. As well as work out the firing of weapons on various armored targets ", — said V. Matveev

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