Maritimes archaeologists exploring mysteries cemetery Jurchen

August 6, 2012 17:26

Unique finding maritime archaeologists. They first discovered the ancient cemetery Jurchen. Before that such discoveries did not do any in the Far East or China or Korea.

Previously, historians have studied only single mounds. Now they have an idea about rituals of the ancient inhabitants of Primorsky Krai.
Avid hunter at that time brought home only grouse — and an old piece of tile. Discovery lay in the closet for almost ten years. This year, out of curiosity, Vadim Kulesh stopped the excavation of an ancient Buddhist temple and saw that he was covered in exactly the same stones. Archaeologists are interested. And then he went to the specified coordinates in the guerrilla zone. In this place of discovery do not have them before. Blind fold, surrounded on three sides by hills — the perfect place for a cemetery. For the first time in the Far East have found a mass grave Jurchen, who inhabited the land in the Middle Ages.

 "Hard to find — looking mounds, — says Nadezhda Artemyev, head of the Institute of Archaeology of ethnography, history and archeology of the FEB RAS. — But here a different rite. Body was cremated on the side, the remains were stored in an urn and placed in a niche. "
Previously, archaeologists have found only a few mounds and could not get a glimpse of the ancient rituals. Therefore, a mass grave Jurchen consider unique find.
One of the graves highlight among others. It is believed that the burial of the noble warrior. Along with his remains underground found arrowheads and so-called "put to death" the sword. Weapons specifically spoiled — though by the standards of the thirteenth century, it was worth a lot.
Fifteen ashes ancient Jurchen. From the rich clay vases — to simple wooden crates. Archaeologists carefully cut the ground. Work took two months. For fun in the camp they built the altar of the spirit of fire. Do not consider myself superstitious, but to dig a mass grave was unusual. "At night, climbs all garbage — Scarecrow", — says Alexey Shimahanov, amateur archaeologist.

Unique findings have already sent to Vladivostok for further study. Archaeologists also time to move on: the season in full swing. Excavations moved to Shkotovsky area where discovered Buddhist temple thirteenth century. Historians believe: still in Primorye are still thousands of monuments of the heyday of the empire Jurchen.

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