Market prices continue to break records

Market prices continue to rise Grodno, some imported goods at all perished. In desperation, buyers and traders.

Saturday morning at Hrodna market "Central" began with rain, traders waiting to spread the goods, and buyers under umbrellas guided in the direction of the market.

The gentleman who sells clothes alone, looking at the clouds and nervously smoking a cigarette. I asked him — as sold?

that trade — goods old and new prices …

Man: "And what trade — goods old and new prices. As soon as prices go up — no one is buying, people say expensive, but the dollar is rising …"

The store with baby clothes lately goods also decreased significantly. Young saleswoman gesturing.

Woman: "Everything has risen in price: strollers, walkers, baths, potties — we get the goods at the new prices. A company that can not deliver to us now collect orders, as few people are buying. Earlier delivery was once every two weeks, now can every six months. "

In building the store owner waves his hands, says, and so everything is clear to everyone.

Man: "We sell the remnants of the goods, and what's next … well, that's brought the price lists, the prices of construction materials have risen by 25%. And if you are not going to pay for what will buy zasatanetstsa only Belarusian goods, but it will not close all the needs" .

The store with household cleaning products saleswoman says their prices grew mainly by 40-50%, especially the most popular laundry detergents, which, incidentally, have disappeared from the market.

Woman: "We do not give the firm-supplier, as she does not work. And people are looking for, for example, washing powders" myth "," Ariel. "Here and now it appears, but has risen in price in half."

Reporter: "What people say when they see you as prices rise?"

We are accused, they say, these prices twist …

Mrs."Oh, people say is that I padkanets of the day, like a squeezed lemon. Accuse us, they say, these prices are steep. And I just said 15 years ago that we would be worse off. Now to the elections were held in a different way, and so … ".

And that's what the customers say that scurry aisles:

Mr."Salary is in place, and the prices are all grown up, where 10.5 million, and where 100% or more."

This is only Lukashenko said that we have a good life …

Woman: "Oh, I do not know, the price fool around his heart's content, and a small pension. To at least some of the cheapest to buy zucchini. And what will happen when we have oil in the store 11 700, and the new brought by 15,000. Lukashenko It just says that we live well … ".

Man: "Prices? We have a very ridiculous prices, the more I can not add anything, the horror …" (Laughs).

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