Mask of Death

December 2, 2011 20:33

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Seven images that help to live
That's striking images, there are only 7 of them turned out — they help to see life in its only possible light. Here and now. If you bring in your life, these images, you will forget that there is neurosis and frustration. Of course, as in any business, takes practice. Start now. From this morning. I'm so alive. Why do not you try it?


People around me — my mirrors. They reflect the characteristics of my own personality, often perceived by me. For example, if someone I Hamit, then, I want, I'll allow it. If someone has time and again deceived me, so I tend to what to believe anyone. So do not take offense at anyone.


I realize that everything that happens in my life — is the result of my own choosing. And if today I talk with boring person, so I did a boring and zanudlivy. There are no bad people and bad — is unfortunate. If I rake their problems, so I like it. So no one to make a claim. I myself have reason for everything that happens to me. Author and creator of your destiny — I am.


I agree with what could be wrong. Not always my opinion or my actions other people have to be considered correct. The real world is not only black and white, there is a light and dark gray and white. I am not ideal, I'm just a nice person and I have the right to be wrong. The main thing — to be able to recognize it and in time to fix it.


I mean exactly that, and as much of what I appropriate, they deserve, no more, no less, whether it's relationships with people, work and money. If I can not love a person to the fullest, it is ridiculous to demand that this man loved me. So all my claims are meaningless. And yet, when I do decide to change for the better — me and people around me.

I am no one should. I can and I can selflessly help everyone who can. And it is a joy. In order to become good, we must be strong. To be strong, we must believe in what I can do anything. And I believe it! But it is necessary and to be able to say "NO!"

I live here now. There is no past, because every next second coming now. There is no future, because it is not. Attachment to the past leads to depression, anxiety about the future creates anxiety. While I live in the present, I insisted. There is a reason to rejoice.


While we criticize life, she passes by. Look at life as an incredible field of possibilities. The eyes see, the legs walk, the ears hear, the heart works, the soul rejoices.

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