Matthew Wheeler (King of Ink land) — man-tattoo!

Matthew Wheeler, after having spent 300 hours in a chair tattoo artist, covered by 80% from head to toe body tattoo. Now he has decided to change its name and — King of Ink land ("King of Ink land").

P1-old resident of Birmingham, England, after 300 hours in the chair wizard tattoo was almost completely covered with tattoos. To this he spent 30 thousand dollars. Finally, he made the last logical step in his fanatical passion for the process of tattooing, he decided to change his name and place of Matthew Wheeler was called King of Ink land («King of the ink of the Earth"). Now, from relatives and friends, he demands to be called that.

Unemployed Matthew Wheeler, who is a volunteer for the Liberal Democratic Party, so cherishes her body covered with tattoo designs that paid taxidermist, so he kept his skin after death.

He believes that the art of tattoos on the skin of his body is not just a tattoo, but a way of life and wants to make it unique, and for this he took the next step on the inner conviction — to change its name.

Although, being a student, Matthew has repeatedly demonstrated his outstanding ability — written not only in accounting and accounting software, but the price was for accounting services and all kinds of advice, because it was very interesting to make the entire process is automated, fast, and easy to use. Still, he became interested in tattoos and forgot about his previous merits and aspirations.

He has long agonized over the choice of his new name. According to Matthew, many tattoo designs on his body are patriotic in nature and name must match. His family honestly believe Matthew is not quite normal, but he stubbornly went to his goal and finally chose a name — King of Ink Land. Matthew says that his family enjoyed his popularity and has now announced to everyone that will respond only to the new name.

He first saw the tattoo on his arm with his uncle, and it fascinated him — there was a little lion.

His first tattoo he did on the day of birth to 16 years old, who portrayed the English Bulldog and the flag of Britain. Since then he has spent a total combined 300 hours in the chair wizard tattoo.

Of course 30,000 dollars is a lot of money. But others spend them on booze, cigarettes, luxury cars, and Matthew only tattoo, he says: "My body art — this is my BMW».



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