Mayans and Atlanteans — that connects them?

Modern man often hears of such civilizations as the Mayans and Atlanteans. In general, these represent a civilization, as people, are rich in spiritual knowledge, as well as the people who come upon a perfect science. But is it? Consider the article.

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Start small. At Atlantis was a drink that not only gave life, but also the strength and healing. Drink recipe passed Mayan Indians, who in turn handed over to other people. However, not everyone has the gift to cook it, basically just Indians grasped the science. But if you are a member in good terms with these people, then you will offer him to drink. According to a witness, when he only took one sip, he felt the power, I felt a craving for life and joy filled his soul.

In addition to the drink Maya were similar with the Atlanteans in the field of science. These two people could calculate the calendar. Now a famous Mayan calendar, which ends on December 21, 2012. But what can we say about this day. Many believe that this is the end of the world. But the Indians, indirect descendants of the Mayan civilization, they say that it is only the beginning of a new era. That is, will the fifth sun.

Of course, this transition will be famous disasters and pestilence mass of people, but they will save the government a jaguar, who will give birth to sons vostanovyaschih the natural balance of the world. The ruler of this should come from the roots of the Atlanteans. Is it no one knows, and hard to believe, but it will soon become clear. If you go back in history, the land has been at risk of total destruction, when he was a world flood. But people have survived, and according to legend it was the gods of the Indians and white people helped restore the land.

And the last thing that connects the two nations is the ability to magic and vision. Precisely because of this, these civilizations were able to live long, to reach a high level in the scientific field and leave us the secrets that still have not unraveled.

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