Mayans were right?

November 5, 2011 12:07

Mayans were right?

So after all, whether the rights to the account of the end of the Mayan epihi man in 2012?

2013 "wake up" the Sun after hibernation, which lasted for many years and, as noted in NASA, a man-made disaster on our planet will provoked them "ideal magnetic storm." According to experts, magnetic storms constitute failure of computer and communications networks, will be out of action mobile and satellite communication, failures also affect airport operations. Naturally, these events will be reflected in the banking system.

On one of the network resources are listed and technical disasters, which at one time were under the influence of solar storms. For example, in 1859, went down the telegraph in Europe and the U.S.. 1921 was an increase in solar activity, which has produced disabling of the transportation system in New York.

In 1989, the so-called "solar storm" out of action already Quebec — more precisely, its power, crippling the vital activity of the city, of more than 6 million people, leaving thus it without heat and light.

Called the "ideal" electromagnetic storm that occurs in the sun because of the gigantic nuclear explosions on it will break the natural protection of the planet, the impact directly on the work of the existing computerized systems. As a consequence by the very long economic crisis.

An Israeli newspaper said that scientists from NASA asked the U.S. government to provide training to likely man-made disasters, provoked such violent solar activity. Only their tips are not for a no specifics, determined only by the generalized calls for concentration on the study of solar activity, the creation of more reliable satellite hardening hospital equipment, procurement of resources to ensure the autonomous power to computer systems.

Renowned environmentalist James Lovelock pointed out that saving the Earth — is meaningless, because it so somehow inevitably headed for disaster. That less, despite these great minds beliefs, humanity still has a chance.

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