MAZ is sold or merged?

Society According to one version, KamAZ will own 100% of MAZ, and the Belarusian side will have a much smaller package KAMAZ. What was your idea to realization?
The first meeting of the working group in the possible merger of KAMAZ and MAZ held today. Experts believe that the main problem arises when evaluating the Belarusian automobile giant, if an audit of assets Kama Automobile Plant engaged in relevant international service, the cost of MAZ literally pretending "to the eye." Meanwhile, there is no guarantee that the Belarusian authorities will do some more promises.
In early March, the general director of the Minsk Automobile Plant, Alexander Borovsky said that the name of Alexander Lukashenko sent another proposal for cooperation — from the GAZ Group, based in Nizhny Novgorod.

Intention to seize the strategic enterprise Russians speak for a long time

Valentin Lopan, former adviser to the director general of the Minsk Automobile Plant, said that the intention to seize strategic enterprise Russians speak for a long time. But, in his opinion, to sell "family silver" there is no need:
"All this talk for more than three years — that GAZ Group starts, the KamAZ. Some people just talk — let's do something together. But honestly say, from the point of view of technique, technology, MAZ, KamAZ to take nothing. KamAZ technical level significantly below MAZ . therefore no great meaning in all that is not visible … Yes, there is a problem, but as the saying goes, need to work, you should never give up, to focus on other areas.
Of course, the Russian market — one of the few that grow at least has good growth prospects for vehicles in general and in particular for freight. Naturally, from it you can not just go and give it some competition. Position should hold, although the task now is not too simple — it is extremely strong competition from China. Therefore, in my opinion, you just have to change their attitude to how to continue working on the Russian market. "

Experts believe that the transaction on the terms proposed by Kamaz, in fact will mean a transition MAZ control of the Russians.

Experts believe that the transaction on the terms proposed by Kamaz, in fact will mean a transition MAZ control of the Russians. As a result, the plant can turn into an assembly shop of individual units, as the representatives themselves "Russian Technologies" stated: they are primarily concerned with the assembly of cabs, engines, transmissions. In addition, if KamAZ claiming a 100 percent control over MAZ, the Belarusian side can get only 25% of Kamaz. And that means not even the so-called blyakuyuchaga right to vote in case of a dispute. However, according to other sources, the option is considered an exchange of shares in another proportion — 48% to 48% of KAMAZ MAZ.
One of the leaders of the trade union movement in Belarus Alexander Buhvostov says that, theoretically, the capitalization of the Belarusian production, obsolete both physically and morally necessary. But zakulisnasts transactions for many thousands of such as MAZ requires answers to many important questions:

For us in a free market thing — the salary, the main thing — jobs.

"Now, unfortunately, there is no impact of our trade union organizations at the same MAZ. But there is, for example, the state union, as we call it. And these unions need an edge to pose the question: is the loss of jobs? What is the size of the projected earnings? Here are the main questions in this regard, we need to raise and trade unions. And not in terms of who will come and whose property it is.

Alexander Buhvostov

Because for us in a free market thing — the salary, the main thing — jobs. After all, the sooner we vtsyagnemsya in the free market, the more democracy will come to Belarus. And it is in this vein that I consider the process of unification as a positive step. On the other hand, the negative connotations see that all this is done somewhere behind some screens, not sounded the principles of association, etc. . "
The last word in the fate of the Minsk Automobile Plant in any case remain to Alexander Lukashenko. 100% of the shares owned by the state of MAZ, and the voice of the personnel in the redistribution of funds almost worthless.

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