Medical care is free and guaranteed to all citizens of Belarus

Human rights activists believe unsubstantiated statements of Alexander Lukashenko that the Belarusian builders working abroad must pay for medical services in Belarus.

According to Lukashenko, "flyers" who went unorganized earn another state should absolutely pay for medical care, and their families — absolutely pay for the public services.

"And so — a broken leg, his head was opened there, and we treat it for free here. Utilities are paid by 22-25%, not 100%. Earned money — pay "- said Lukashenko.

Valentin Stefanovich

Commenting on these statements, lawyer Human Rights Center "Viasna" Valentin Stefanovich said:

"It's just laying on the people responsible for the senseless policy of the authorities. It's not our fault, and his fault, his government.

In Belarus medical care free and guaranteed to all citizens of Belarus. And this is regardless of who is running and works at all. If a person does not work, what then? It also does not pay taxes. Therefore, these claims — this is nonsense. It's all emotion and hysteria. That people massively pushed to work abroad, shows only one thing: that these people can not find work at home. And they are not to blame. And to blame the government, which is responsible for the economic situation in the country. And Lukashenko as a Soviet Union: Who is to blame for anything, just not a native government. He then people have bought the currency, the machine pazavozili, the diesel fuel are taken. Evil people are so caught, something is doing something.

As for the communal, then we'll all be paying 100%. "


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