Medsintez growing by leaps and bounds

The plant "Medsintez" heart of the Ural pharmacological cluster, hidden behind checkpoints Novouralsk. Says CEO Alexei Podkorytov plant, which meets us in the "Medical synthesis" and this location also plays a plus and a minus.

— In terms of salaries difficult for us to compete with the Ural Electrochemical Plant. But easier to resolve issues with the administration of a small town — the head of "Plant Medsintez." — In Novoural'sk high level of security, which is good news — we are producing genetically engineered insulin.


In the best years in Novoural'sk had three major businesses, now there was only UEIP. So holding "Juno" (plant "Medsintez" — one of the creations of Alexander Petrov) performs a social function here — save the city from unemployment.

— He started the day by asking the human resources department: "How many new employees come from?" — Says Podkorytov.

Although the expansion of production in pharmacology worth big money, "Medsintez" is growing by leaps and bounds. A month ago, launched a second line of production of infusion solutions. By the end of the year to usher in a new plant, which will develop new technology to produce "Triazavirin" and substance insulin.


At the mention of the last phrase of our faces express the question, so Podkorytov offers to go on the three shops of the plant. We both hands: according to rumors, Vladimir Putin may visit the "Medsintez." A June 30 waiting for Alexander Misharin. He will visit the plant for the first time.

Insulin is enough for all of Russia

In the workshop for the production of insulin like all laboratory of the futuristic films. We walk around the perimeter of the shop and look in the windows clean room. Today in a lonely shine bellied tanks, pipes and control panels. Batch release of insulin over. Now, 280 liters of vital medication for diabetics razolyut in ampoules five milliliters.


— We can already cover all the Russians need for insulin — leads a tour of the Deputy Director General Vladimir Lukshin. — But while habitually take imported insulin, even though our cheaper by 30-40 percent. Below is priceless.

To every customer was struck low price of insulin, but the work is not interrupted in the shop, "Medsintez" plans to release its substance insulin. Simply put, raw materials for the drug. While his big money buy in France.

— Do not worry, we will soon be the first in the Russian manufacturers of insulin substance — says Lukshin.

Workers, we find the area of packaging and control. This insulin is automatically filled into vials or cartridges (including convenient to take medication syringe) is automatically applied labels, vials automatically collected by five pieces. Novouraltsy only monitor the process.


Boring, perhaps, follow these Flakonchik — green cover much in the eyes full of — I say to one of the operators.

— Still — 52-54 thousand vials for the party — he nods. — But we can not be distracted.

Next batch is sent to the quarantine and analysis. Leading chemist Jaroslav Manuilov says culled is only 0.1% of ampoules, because the production is certified according to the highest standards.

— Each device in my office — the leading chemist — is not less than one hundred thousand dollars. It is only in appearance they seem clumsy devices.

Any acquisition to "Medsintez" is a fabulous money. But it is guaranteed cheaper product. A year ago, opened a shop of primary packaging for infusion solutions. Earlier bags of intravenous solution purchased, are now producing themselves.

Ministry of Health "blesses"

Shop infusion solutions — the first in the "Medsintez" — was launched in July 2003. A earned in 2004 alone — so long to obtain a license. Now there is no downtime — are launched, 24 million half-liter packet solutions in a year. A month ago, Eduard Rossel, who oversees the Ural pharmaceutical cluster, opened a second production line.

"Grandpa" is very playful — in a kind way of saying the factory ex-governor. — He did a lot for pharmacology in the region.

The second line set up in six months, expanding space workshops: one and a half months spent on the project, two — for the manufacture of panels, and a half — for installation.

— Participation of the holding company "Juno" in the pharmaceutical cluster is so much change? — I ask Vladimir Lukshina.

— Not so, as we would like — honestly meets deputy director. — In the year 2004, Eduard Rossel has brought the then Health Minister Yuri Shevchenko Russian program of the plant "Medsintez." He wrote on it something like "Bless." So do we. Cluster "blessing": helps in promoting our products to market, collaboration with the scientific enterprise. But I would like us to quickly get new certificates, and there was a state order.

It seems that Alexander Petrov and his holding company entered the pharmaceutical cluster for the image of the project. After all, to the cluster "Juno" received the assistance of the authorities. Even without Petrov wriggled like.

— Alexander Petrov traded to the last drop of sweat, — says CEO "Medsintez" Alex Podkorytov. — Recently, foreign suppliers of equipment we have lowered the price from two billion to 1.2.

The savings are going into business. So, today, "Juno" prescribes the business plan of the plant infusions in Novosibirsk. There goes four million packages of the solution in a year — has become profitable to produce there.

— Make fast, give year — says the Podkorytov. — We must become the center of genetically engineered drugs. This is the future.

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