Meducherezhdeniya Novgorod region. received new vehicles

As reported by the committee on public health area, as part of the modernization program in the area of health care received specialized vehicles-21 unit.

4 ambulances sent to Borovichskye and STARORUSSKAYA CRH, one by one — in Soltsy, Mirage, and Poddore Shimsk. Roll FAP received Novgorod region (Central clinic) and Lyubytino (Zarubinsky CRH).

Novgorod ambulance station has received seven ambulances. Now the fleet of "First" has 47 ambulances and 3 reanimobile. In the near future it is expected the arrival of two more cars to the station.



We add that this summer for a retreat facility staff (136 health care workers and 72 drivers) at the expense of the regional budget purchased with summer clothes. Currently, one of the Novgorod firms, which received an order for sewing clothes for the "first" execute the second part of the contract — sewing kits winter clothes.

Recall, July 5 3 units of sanitary vehicles sent to Pestovskij, Holm, Malovishersky areas. Until the end of this year, scheduled delivery for at least 30 units of specialized vehicles.

In 2011, the progress of implementation of the regional programs to modernize healthcare Novgorod region for 2011 2012god received 23 units of vehicles, including 5 reanimobiles, 2 mobile FAP for GOBUZ "Borovichskye CRH" and GOBUZ "Old Russian CRH", a mobile center of preventive medicine GOBUZ for "Center of preventive medicine."

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