Medvedev acknowledged the presence of aliens on Earth!

Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's prime minister, said after the interview, words associated with the presence of aliens on Earth, are still perceived in two ways nationals and foreign countries. The brain begins to boil all. Is his statement a joke, or the pure truth, in advance of the end of the world 21.12.12 — is not clear. I quote: "How many of us — I will not tell, because it might cause a panic …" I think each decide independently whether or not the former president of a sense of humor.
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Medvedev looked online to the alien presence on Earth

Maybe among prime ministers began an epidemic of some stupid jokes? Or? In my opinion, the prime ministers of all countries, and especially Russia, have to weigh released into the media accountable for the words and each word is, and if Mr. Medvedev wanted so show off your sense of humor, then let him do it at home in the kitchen family. Word of Mouth is known — will fly you will not catch and smashed his statement on Russia bought up the salt, sugar and matches on the eve of the Apocalypse is very fast.

It should be noted that the statement of the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard about the coming end of the world December 21, 2012, was written by professionals and there is little to find fault with is nothing. The world will end it with a full right to say — I am warning you, and will not be, the same can safely say — I'm just kidding.

But unlike Julia, our Dmitri gave an impromptu sensation, though, and tried to present it as the same in two ways — in every joke there is a grain of truth, as they say. This is the case if the application does not have a distinct color jokes and carries a hidden subtext in the background of serious tone and facial expressions.

Belgian news website published a video where Medvedev after the interview with major Russian TV channels told about the secret to the aliens living among us. And presented it in such a way that the Prime Minister said this when he thought that the cameras are turned off and recorded a sensational statement this journalist is completely transparent to your iPhone. This is exactly what I wrote above — the word is not a sparrow and the need to think well before stating such things in a conversation with reporters.

For those who have trouble viewing the video clips and especially for Raptora , literally: "I tell you the first and last time. Along with the transfer of a suitcase nuclear codes President of the country bring a special folder. It is written: "top secret". And it is entirely devoted to the aliens have visited our planet. At the same time the report is made, totally enclosed, security forces that are engaged in the control of aliens on the territory of our country. These two folders are transmitted together with the President of the nuclear suitcase. After the termination of powers, respectively, these folders are transferred to the new president. For more information on this topic can be obtained by looking the famous newsreel and documentary film "Men in Black". Came out a few episodes. How many aliens among us — I will not tell, because it might cause a panic … "


In my opinion Medvedev already asked this question and he was obviously tired, potmou he decided to just laugh it off with a straight face. That's what I am able . I am sure that making such strong statements it to anything.

Anyway, all GOOD DAY!

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