Megalithic cave in Kabardino-Balkaria

Not so long ago in the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria in the Baksan valley, was discovered a strange mine. For a short time enthusiasts from around the world came to study the object. It turned out that this is a huge cave, more than 70 meters in depth, the walls of which are made of perfectly processed megaliths! Photos and videos there are consistent and in 2012, because in this article I have tried to gather all possible at this point of reference.

Watch megalithic mine in Kabardino-Balkaria

In the mountains of Kabardino-Balkaria on one of the peaks in the vicinity of the village Zayukovo Baksan district discovered a mysterious mine. Its length is about 80 meters, it consists of several parts from the camera transitions from one to another. She found a local regional Maria and Victor Kotljarova countries concerned swastikas carved in the mountains. Although the arrows Hitler division «Edelweiss», which were in the Caucasus in 1942, and has not reached this summit. Perhaps as a swastika left unmarked staff Nazi organization «Ahnenerbe», engaged in the occult.

«We know that during the war in Kabardino-Balkaria visited cooperated with the SS mysterious organization» Ahnenerbe «(» Ancestral Heritage «) — said Victor Kotljarov. — According to Hitler’s secret project she had been looking for the Holy Grail, allegedly left in a mountain cave of the Caucasus. «

According to the researchers, found the cave is unique among similar systems — apparently, it man-made. Opening on top of the mountain mine — two solid stone slabs set in parallel with the side walls, laid down a neat little stones. Then there are a few mines, leading to a huge 36-meter underground hall. One of its walls and dome are carefully polished.

Found mine ventilation Kotljarova believe — as evidenced by its narrowness and the constant flow of fresh air. Geologists, including foreign, are inclined to its synthetic origin — because of the rectangular block, the presence of a solution in the seams between them, the absence of oblique fractures characteristic tuff.

«In this case, thousands of years ago during the construction of the wonders of the unknown we used processing technology, delivery and installation of stone blocks», — said Victor Kotljarov.

The researchers intend to further study the discovery and hope that the construction of the region’s resorts raise the interest in the discovery of both scientists and tourists. According to the draft of the North Caucasus tourism cluster in 2011-2020 in southern Russia built five new world-class ski resorts, including Bezengi Elbrus in Kabardino-Balkaria.

Next, add an article about the continuing research of the underground structure, conducted «Kosmopoisk»

We caver Arthur Zhemukhova of Kabardino-Balkaria unusual hobby: he is looking for sacred places, scattered over the mountains and gorges, own methodology that takes into account the arrangement of stars in the constellations and contains mathematical calculations. This is how Arthur found in the Baksan Gorge mysterious hole, covered with stones. And under it — an amazing cave, which is probably part of the underground city. In September there is the third time the expedition visited public research association «Kosmopoisk.»

«Jar» with the «neck»

Without climbing skills to enter the cave is almost impossible. First you need to squeeze through a hole the size of 40 to 120 cm, then rappel down a narrow vertical shaft. It is formed by two parallel flagstones. After 9 meters — the first «knee»: hole goes away and immediately breaks down again. Right here you will cover the absolute silence — the outside does not get any sound. Another 23 meters in depth — and a new «knee.» To reach the bottom of the cave, you need to cover more than 80 meters, and it will take an hour. On the other hand, passing the «bottleneck», you will find yourself in a large room, which the researchers called «jar».

«The first thing that catches your eye — the walls in the mine is clearly artificial, — says Vadim Chernobrov, coordinator of the association» Kosmopoisk. » — They are made of smooth stone blocks, carefully polished. In the Egyptian pyramids blocks approximately the same size. It is easy to calculate that each «stone» weighs about 200 tons. And as they roll over to gently lay down such a construction is unclear. And the fact that it is man-made, I have little doubt. «

This opinion is shared Kotljarov Victor, a local historian and ethnographer, «When we showed pictures of the mine geologists, including foreigners, most of them are inclined to its artificial origin. In any case, they were all united in the fact that this has never and nowhere seen. No analogues in the world! «

In the cave explorers discovered a «floating» column: megalith is attached to the wall only one edge, because of what seems to be hanging in the air. Unfortunately, no trace of human presence or organic remains in the cave was found. However, Vadim Chernobrov not surprised. He is confident that this facility and is not intended as a dwelling. He had other problems.

Unearth resonator

From the moment the public learned about the mysterious mine in Baksan Valley, the lack of versions of its mission was not. It was assumed that this is the burial ground for discharge of infected animals, the hopper for storage of food, home of the Aryans, fortification, the lair of Bigfoot … Some of the researchers were descending into the mine heard it howl, noises and even a whisper, which, if desired, can be taken as an unknown ancient language. But no trace remains and, again, has not been found. And it denies all of these hypotheses. But in the dungeon, and a draft blowing it stuffed with narrow passages, which have yet to rake from the rubble. Local cavers have already got the electrical equipment in order to continue the work next summer.

«Being a man or other living creatures in this building not originally envisaged — shares his guesses Chernobrov. — Can hold this analogy: we got not a home, but on a plant.

For example, climbed into the factory chimney, and then went down into the combustion chamber and are now trying to understand where are the people sitting here? And they are there at all, and did not sit! And they should not. According to our version, this cave — technical construction. It served as a kind of resonator transducer waves and radiations an unknown nature. Her age — about 5 thousand years. By the size and functionality of the cave Baksan valley is comparable to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, which many scientists also believe the wave transmitter or transmitter of energy. «

Most likely, the researchers believe that this object had not been underground. It was located on the surface, being attached to the side of the hill. This explains why one of the walls of the chamber, «jar» is rough, bumpy (a fragment of the natural rock), and the other — a smooth, polished (it’s the unknown builders erected). For thousands of years a gigantic structure was covered with earth, sand and fragments of rock, rose above the trees. And the stone blocks that once were located outside of the hill, turned inside him. By the way, remember all the same pyramid of Cheops. She, along with lying beside the Sphinx was buried under the sand, until archaeologists unearthed it and did not pay attention, «wonder of the world» has already become a familiar look.

Baksan mine-cave, too, can dig up, though it’s hard to imagine what means it will require. The researchers are inclined to believe that the construction of the unusual form, preserved in rock, could be part of a global structure — underground cities, caves, the legends of the North Caucasus, which is transmitted from generation to generation. Near the manhole leading to the 80-meter depth, found another two entrances to the cave. Calculations show that, if prolonged, reviewing the debris, they join hands together and bring all the same mysterious cave where you can hear a whisper, like an unknown ancient language.


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