Megaliths and UFOs on Big Mountain Pocket-Kuryk!

Today it will be about megaliths of Russia, as well as about UFOs, which are found in places where they cluster. One of these places is Pocket-Kuryk. Mountain, which will be decided not to climb every tourist because of its remoteness and inaccessibility. This is where huge boulders were discovered cubic form, the origin of which causes a lot of controversy and speculation.

Interesting geology and geomorphology of the pocket-Kuryk. On the steep northern slopes and the eastern slopes of the mountains are exposed rocks of the Kazan stage Permian. As part of the breed is characterized by limestone, dolomite, marl, clay and sandstone.

Another feature of the pocket-Kuryk — karst phenomena. As you know, the funnel, the failure, the caves are due to the activities of underground water that flows through fractures of limestone and gypsum dissolves them, gradually creating a vacuum.

The limestone megaliths? ..

However, RO "Kazan-Kosmopoisk" and PO "Yoshkar-Ola Kosmopoisk" interested in the information about the possible megaliths of local limestone on the slope of pocket-Kuryk. Strange cubic formation have been found in human beings in a ravine below the top of the mountain. Many of them were almost regular geometric shape. And if you take into account the large number of legends about the mountain, then why would not they be megaliths? … But all the same it is necessary to check.

April 29, 2012 RO "Kazan-Kosmopoisk" and director of "Yoshkar-Ola Kosmopoisk" meet the team at Pocket-nomadic Kuryk to familiarize yourself with the object of study. Also, we have been invited to an expert on the geology of Ravil Nurmukhametov.

Thanks to the expert on these sites Leo Kindulovu we quickly found ourselves in a ravine on the eastern slope of the mountain near the megaliths possible. In your eyes, immediately rushed to a range of almost correct, square stones. They are not hollow like dolmens. They face each other, and each level deeper than the previous one, i.e. ladder. The front part of their faces toward the top, the back part is hidden in the ground. Before the last cube in this series, there is another, separate from everyone. To his left wall of the same height level, partially closed earthen hill top. Exemplary parameters of objects (from left to right, if you stand back to top)

1) Height -145 cm, width of the front part — 123 cm, width of the side — 135 cm The shape of the object is not perfect: The front part of the oval in the center — a small opening.

2) Height — 100 cm, width of the front part — 115 mm Width of the side — 125 cm;

3) Height — 160 cm, width of the front part — 155 cm — almost formless (raw?)

4) Height — 110 cm, width of the front part — 206 cm, width of the side — 50 cm;

5) Height — 127 cm, width of the front part — 105 cm, width of the side — 96 cm

6) Stand-alone. Do not measure — the size of about the same.

7) In parallel, the 6th cube — a wall of the same breed. Part of it is hidden under a mound of earth.

It should be noted that not all of these objects from the walls of limestone perfectly straight. In some cases, it seems that the creator of the stones did not have the time or patience to bring the case to its logical end.


1) Megaliths. That's what they were called by the people. One of the attractions of the monument of nature pocket-Kuryk. Therefore, self-respecting tourist, and not always having a high cultural level, said due to the soft stone claw date and your name, "Vasya was here, 1998"

Considered prehistoric megalithic structures of large stone blocks, connected without the use of cement or mortar. The term is not exhaustive, so the definition of the megaliths and megalithic structures covered sufficiently vague group of buildings. In particular, the megaliths are called large hewn stones, including those not used for the construction of tombs and monuments.

In this case, partially processed and standing stones in a row, many visitors are like the idea of the megaliths. I remember the legend of the finding on the mountain top fortress of Udmurt, but so far not found any evidence of this.

On the other hand it is known that the 400x meters to the north-north-west of the village. Abdaevo, on the northern tip of the high ridge extending along the village path and Yoshkar-Ola — Morki is drevnemariyskoe mound, I century BC. e. How do these facts have related — too early to say. We leave it to specialists, archaeologists, who will arrive on Pocket-Kuryk in mid-May.

2) Freak of nature — The stones of similar shape created by natural means.

According to geologist R. Nurmuhametova: "Stones and" ditches "on the pocket Kurik are not traces of human activity. This is a natural formation. Stones found Leo Kindulovym — this lump of limestone or dolomite, cut off from massif forming a mountain. These lumps are not signs of handling a person's hands, as no trace of the person posting them relative to each other in the correct order. Lumps generally have an irregular shape. The upper part of their flat, because cracks coincides with bedding on which the individual layers are easily separated from each other. Available here and transverse (vertical) straight edge blocks are formed by the transverse cracks, which are less common than crack bedding. Accordingly, the vertical edges are aligned with a common blocks, a maximum of two directions. "Correct" order of blocks on the eastern slope of Big Mountain is also the result of natural erosion and split the rock. "

3) The result of quarrying. — There is an assumption that there once were working for the extraction of stone. If so, then it is easy to explain the almost right shaped stones. A ravine, which contains stones, in this case, was a special moat in which a road to transport rocks. It is directly under the top of the mountain and is strictly parallel ey.Nuzhno to note that not all of these objects from the walls of limestone perfectly straight. In some cases, it seems that the creator of the stones did not have the time or patience to bring the case to its logical end.

We tried to find information that could confirm or refute this hypothesis. From the brochure: "Study nature trail nature pocket-Kurik," 2010. — "On the northern slope of the mountain visible arches closed down karst caves. This cave was known as "the Ovda birth", which translates to mean Mari — Ovdy hole. According to local legend and lore, it was inhabited by a mythical creature.

Body of the cave collapsed after the start here of natural stone for construction of roads. In the production of explosive used. Places abandoned quarries are now overgrown with birch forest with a mixture of spruce and aspen. "

As you can see, the hypothesis is partially confirmed. But only in part. Because cubic stones are found on the eastern side, and not on the north.

However, a little digging on the internet, we find the following explanation:

"Back in the pre-revolutionary period, the local people mined here rubble stone — limestone. It was used for the construction and firing took place here — for slaked lime. Lime is used in the extraction of tar and local sewage treatment plants to get the best grades of turpentine and acetic powder and sold in nearby villages and Kazan. However, the scientific description of the deposits of limestone was first given in the book "Non-Metallic Minerals" only VN Yantemir. Only in 1955 was drilled in the Little Karmangore and confirmed that the subsoil hold enormous reserves of limestone, marl, and gypsum. "

Source: "The project of the ecological path" Karmankuryk "- a track athlete." (Http://

On this basis, it can be concluded that the cube-shaped stones on the eastern slope of the mountain formed not only by natural processes and human activities but for the extraction of quarry stone in the old days.

UFO over Carman-Kuryk.

This article appeared in the newspaper "Pravda Mari" in November 2011. An eyewitness recounts the case of the flight and UFO landing on Big Mountain. It is a pity that it has been so for many years — in fact if not that, then you can try to find the trail landing facility. But what is interesting: Large flat top mountain, despite the fact that for a long time does not plow, not overgrown with trees and even shrubs. The wind at the top of a very strong and steady hands. Young and thin birch trees at the edge of the board up horizontally with crooked trunks to unfavorable conditions for growth.

"It was a long time ago, about 1952. Then I, a student of 5 or 6 th grade, a classmate in the summer playing in the yard. It was boring, and we went to the street, where they saw a group of women. They are actively discussing something and gazed in the direction of the mountain pocket Kuryk.

Our village Miziner located directly across the mountains on the right bank of the river flowing in the valley Voncho (in places it disappears in the summer, although it is considered a river). On the outskirts of the village is very well visible profile of the mountain, where the distance to three kilometers. In good weather, you can distinguish separate trees on its surface, even seen the smoke or steam from a mountain tunnel, facing in the direction of our village (by the way, in these caves, according to legend, lived (or live) humanlike creatures "ovdy").

So, the woman we met on the street, showed me to the side of the mountain itself. And my own eyes I saw the following: Pocket Kuryk aside from the southwest, that is, from the village Korkatovo, moving aircraft that looks like a regular cylinder, that is elongated in the height of the barrel, supplied to the bottom. It happened around 6:00 in the evening, the object moved with the slow speed at a distance of 150-200 meters from the ground. The mysterious "drifter" in diameter was about 10-12 meters, and the height — about 25-30 m black "barrel" with a kind of cap at the top was flying very smoothly and quietly, without lights and what else glow.

The object swam to the middle of the mountains, gradually sank to the surface and froze. We did not see any moving objects near, no people, in short, any activity. The women were amazed and did not know how to respond to such a phenomenon. One of them is that bolder and shouted, "Do not worry, comrades, survived the war — survive this puzzle. Go to milk the cows and quiet sleep. "

I was very impressed with what he saw, so the next morning I decided to definitely find this cylinder, but in its place is no longer there. Then I asked for permission to go to the mountain to look for him there, but the mother is not allowed. So the mystery remains unsolved.


This message is not the only one that came from the district Morkinskogo to us recently. One of the most recent cases occurred in November 2011, when a local resident was returning late at night on foot to his village field. He went from village to village Olykyal Arino. In the sky, he saw an object that was neither aircraft nor a helicopter. And that strange object flew over to an eyewitness and hovered over him, illuminating the ground bright beam. The man got scared and ran to the cemetery, which was nearby, where and hid.

In addition, the area is Mount Morkinskom Chuksha — the highest point of Mari El.

According to local residents, and residents claim Morecambe — are often observed phenomena of light and flying unidentified bodies! The peak of these events occurred in the 90 years of the last century. On the mountain observed light poles, flying burning balls in the surrounding villages were strong Radio and television. At present, such cases have almost disappeared. According to some assumptions on the mountain were secret military exercise, there were located: Mobile radar and missile launch complexes, which is not uncommon for the Mari El. The height of this mountain is well-suited for combat missions, and telepomehi, floodlights and fireballs — investigation training missile launch and operation of the radar.



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