Megaliths Japan. Asuka Park. Material from 13/10/12!

Fresh photos and video report SAYGO_TAKAMORI (permanent member of the LIA), the mysterious megaliths of Japan. All material filmed in the park Asuka. Personally for me it was amazing to know that in those parts, in addition to underwater pyramids island of Yonaguni there are other monolithic blocks. Well, time to fill in the gaps we have with you.

Watch Japan, Megalithic Park Asuka, 13 October 2012.

Visited Japan in October
One of the purposes of the trip was the discovery of traces of highly developed civilization in modern-day Japan.

Such objects are, they are concentrated in the Kansai region, 60 km from g.Kioto.v place called Asuka.

Find these objects was quite difficult, even with a map, as some of them are located at a considerable distance from each other (in the mountains, forests, and even among the fields)
Local Japanese do not speak English, many are not familiar with megaliths in the area.
We help children and taxi drivers kotrye omnipresent as ever, shown the way.
Sometimes I had to catch a taxi to find an object within a radius of 1 km features of the village.

Here we found the first of Japan’s largest megalith Masuda Ivafun.
The place is not popular among tourists we met no one.
Megalith as expected was huge.
Upstairs megalith was a niche that way were perfectly cast, carved, melted … pick the right word for yourself! traces of rough manual labor, with a chisel, chisel were found.
Material Masuda Ivafun granite, so it is written in the description near the megalith, and indeed when I removed the rock sample order fussed about 30 minutes. On the rock hard to leave even a scratch!

Next on the list we had a megalith Sakafuneshi, local why is believed that through this granite boulders, very skillfully cut up many thousands of years ago did Sake! I wonder who could construct such a moonshine still in the distant past for the distillation of alcohol?)))

The following is an artifact of Asuka megalith Pot Devil, which consists of two parts.
One part of the granite monument fell from the hill, the second plate is popularly referred to as the cutting board. The very name of the local peasants explain the fact that in their understanding of such blocks can move and use only the demons, people can not do it. Megaliths pass by … just in case.

Tried to break into the now closed from prying excavations in vain (((
Denied access to the «sarcophagus» look like carved granite sarcophagi Asuka
(Photo courtesy of Eugene Shlakina)

The residence of the Emperor of Japan, looking at the walls of polygonal masonry fortifications
chisel marks on everywhere, high technology here and does not smell …

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