Metal Profile went to market ergonomic sandwich panels

Since May 2011, the Group Metal Profile introduces a three-layer sandwich panels Airpanel filled with polyurethane foam (PUF) and foams (PPI). The panels have a high hydro-and thermal insulation properties, and with much lighter counterparts with mineral filler. They can be used in building envelopes of residential and industrial buildings, in the construction of new and the renovation of old buildings. Using Airpanel reduces the load on the load-bearing structures, the costs of construction and transportation panels.

Novelty can be applied to objects with high hygienic requirements: in agricultural buildings and facilities, storages, food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to tightness of joints panels can be washed without fear of moisture in the insulation layer. The material is highly resistant to corrosive factors, both natural and industrial or agricultural properties.

Non-flammable Airpanel model of foams (FDI) according to a new technical regulations firefighter can be used in the construction of buildings II — V degree of fire resistance.

"In the West, 80% of all applicable sandwich panels — are products of polyurethane foam. Because of the light weight and thickness can be easily adapted to any construction methods without reducing the thermal characteristics, — says Sergey Yakubov, Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing for Metal Profile. — Vast experience in sandwich panels with other types of heaters and our technical base can guarantee the quality of the new panels and a full service for the customer. "

Metal Profile delivers as wall and roof panels Airpanel. Panel thickness — from 30 to 200 mm, — from 2 to 14 m

This year the company plans to sell more than 300,000 square meters. m Airpanel. The first deliveries will be made in Q2 2011

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