Metalloinvest acquires BelAZ for their GOKov

At Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky GOK (part of the company "Metalloinvest") has received new heavy trucks BelAZ a maximum capacity of 220 and 160 tons, respectively. Dump trucks are delivered to the plants in the framework of the project of "Metalloinvest" the acquisition of high-performance equipment set mining and transport complex.

So far, the maximum load capacity of trucks in quarries GOK was 136 tons.  

This year, the Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky GOK go with six dump trucks Caterpillar capacity of 180 tons under the contracts signed between companies and metalloinvest Zeppelin Russland. The next year, expected to arrive at the two plants excavators Hitachi EX 5600E-6LD with a bucket capacity of 23 m3 (maximum bucket dredges used today at the Company, is 10-12 m3). This technique is purchased under contracts with the UK Techstroycontract, the official distributor of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.

"Metalloinvest aimed at improving the efficiency of production and the improvement of working conditions in the company — said General Director of the Criminal Code" METALLOINVEST "Eduard Potapov. — The use of new technology will allow us to increase productivity and provide a comfortable working environment. "

Currently, the installation is GOKah BelAZ that will be involved in a career in the transportation of the rock mass. It is planned that in June appliances will start to work. New BelAZ have a number of technological advantages, and benefits are different from their predecessors. They are equipped with improved engines, which provide higher power density and speed of trucks on the rise, as well as fuel economy. Upgraded electric drive system ensures smooth transition of power when driving. Also improved gear wheel hub motors, brake and hydraulic systems.

It is important that the driver's workplace is equipped in accordance with the requirements to reduce noise and vibration in the cabin. To create a comfortable environment for the driver provides modern heating and air conditioning.

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