METALLOINVEST: plans for the world’s largest plant for the production of hot briquetted iron

The company "METALLOINVEST" has signed a contract with a consortium of Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH (Austria) and Midrex Technologies, Inc. (U.S.) for the implementation of the construction of the third HBI (HBI plant-3) at Lebedinsky GOK (GOK) in Gubkin (Belgorod region)., Production capacity of 1.8 million tons per year. The setting for the production of HBI will be the largest in the world.


Under the contract, the consortium Siemens VAI and Midrex execute the design, manufacture and supply of equipment and the necessary automation of the first and second levels. The technology of direct reduction MIDREX ® was selected in 2005 for the construction of the second workshop on HBI GOK. HBI plant-2 was launched in 2007. Currently, he is working at full capacity and produces over 1.4 million tons of HBI per year. Based on experience operating HBI plant-2, METALLOINVEST chose MIDREX ® technology to enhance the production of HBI and construction of a new third plant.

Expanding production, METALLOINVEST responds to the growing demand for METALLORESURS by consumers in Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Director General of the Criminal Code "METALLOINVEST" Eduard Potapov said: "Capacity of production of HBI is one of the priorities of the development strategy METALLOINVEST. We have implemented a development phase of project documentation for the construction of HBI plant 3. The total investment in this project will be about $ 850 million construction of the new plant will strengthen the Company's position in the global iron ore market with high added value. If in 2011 the share of HBI took only 7% of the production company, after the modernization of existing production and commissioning of the new module it will increase to 12%. "

HBI comprises 90 percent iron, has a constant chemical composition has a degree of metallization of over 93 percent and a density higher than 5.0 g/cm3, and therefore is an ideal raw material for the production of steel in electric furnaces and converters. Produced from ore deposits Lebedinsk HBI contains almost no sulfur and phosphorus, which affects the quality of our steel from it. Due to the low content of fines, briquettes suitable for road, rail and sea transport. Energy production of HBI is 2 times higher than in the preparation of iron, which gives HBI significant competitive advantage. In this case, HBI is a more environmentally friendly product: the production of its greenhouse gas emissions by almost half as compared to the classical domain of production.

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