Metallurgical Plant UMMC-Steel in Tyumen started

Metallurgical plant rolled in Tyumen produced its first steel. Start the beginning of the electric gaveGovernor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev and CEO of UMMC Andrew Kozitsin, pressing a button on the remote control in the electric shop. The new plant is the first metallurgical enterprise in the Tyumen region.

  • Electric new plant
  • Electric new plant

— This is only a test run, but we can already say that the Tyumen region has a rightful relation to the production of steel, and we are very pleased that in the region there is a necessary and important branch of metallurgy, — said Vladimir Yakushev. According to him, this project was indicative of the Tyumen region, especially from the point of view of how to work with the investor.

— There were many difficulties, including the administrative, but we are happy that we were able to bring a great thing to the end, because the benefits to the region from this production are obvious. This diversification of the economy, and additional revenue to the budget, and new jobs — said the governor of the Tyumen region.
 Construction of a mini-mill annual output of 550 thousand tons of rolled metal is coming to an end. The company embarked on a comprehensive process of testing and acceptance of the basic units (furnaces, ladle furnace, vacuum degasser, a continuous casting machine and rolling mill), set by "Danieli" (Italy). In the integrated test the entire production line will be tested for performance and compliance with specifications. Commissioning of metallurgical units will carry out factory workers under the supervision of the Italian supplier. 
According to CEO Andrew Kozitsyna UMMC, its designed capacity the new company will be able to leave in the next year. In this case, the proportion division of ferrous metallurgy in the total sales of the holding will rise from the current 7-8% to 12-13%. Return on the project, in today's prices, at 9 years old. By entering the workforce capacity will be 1,046 people, it is estimated that 90% of these will be local residents.

— At the moment the company is staffed by the necessary number of specialists (steel makers, distributors) in order to proceed with the complex technological tests — saysDirector of Steel Plant Sergei Glushkov. — Reception staff continues, is training and retraining of specialists in Tyumen, (while based in Serov Metallurgical College, where the parent company is located UMMC-Steel). In the future, we plan to carry out the necessary training directly in Tyumen.

Construction of steel plant rolled implemented under the cooperation agreement between the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company and the Government of the Tyumen region. Directly involved in the project division steel UMMC — OOO "UMMC-Steel." The estimated cost of the plant — about 22 billion rubles. Source of funding — local UMMC. The project has received state aid in the amount of more than 967,200,000 rubles from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation and the budget of the Tyumen region.

When construction of a steel mini-mill uses the latest European technologies in the field of metallurgy. The principle of operation of the enterprise is based on the melt scrap metal. The plant will annually recycle about 650 tons of scrap metal, which is now in the region has accumulated more than 100 million tons, reducing harmful effects on soil, surface and ground water.

The plant is designed to produce a wide range of carbon, alloy, structural and reinforcing steel grades. The product is intended for the construction industry, oil and gas companies and engineering. Most metal will be supplied to the domestic market: the Tyumen region, the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Omsk, Kurgan and Sverdlovsk region.

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