Metallurgy Kuzbass moves to a new track



By the end of this year Novokuznetsk metallurgical planning to implement a project that will become a new word in the Russian relsoprokatnoy industry and will significantly accelerate the pace of economic growth not only in the Kuzbass region, but throughout Russia. Now steelmakers receive new equipment and, in the framework of the program of industrial modernization, this year will be the first batch of high-hundred-meter long rails. The products that will greatly speed rail transportation, still in the plans, and orders it already is. With the progress of construction today met the Deputy Governor for Industry Sergei Kuznetsov. The reconstruction rail and metallurgical production started about six years ago. The task was not easy to translate into new technologies whole enterprise, if possible, without reducing the volume of output. Segond construction works are carried out simultaneously at different venues. After the workpiece to be heated, rolled, cool and ready-made rail to check for quality. For each stage, need a whole set of equipment.

"Here, the main task of this complex to get the straightness of the hundred-meter rail. Deviations there is almost zero. "

Kuznetsk metallurgists have always been pioneers in their time they were the first in the country have mastered the production of rails for the metro, tram tracks and Segond in Russia produced only here. And it will take a little time, and at the disposal of new track railway will go a hundred-meter length. They are needed for the construction of high-speed lines.

Alexei St. George, managing director of metallurgical enterprises, "I think the first one hundred meters will be in November-December this year. At the very least, we would like very much to the end of the year to master this new product. "

Sergei Kuznetsov, deputy governor of the CO: "This production, set production, will be the only one in the world, capable of making the full range of rail. For the metro, tramways, for high-speed railways. And it really will be the pride of Kuzbass and the pride of our industry. "

The whole investment project for the reconstruction of rail and structural steel production is estimated at 400 million euros. With the launch of its work in Russia will enter the world's top five countries with similar technology in service.

N.Kuznetsov, V.Veldin, Novokuznetsk

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