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Russian space scanner broadcasts online high-quality image is the planet

Natalia Vedeneev.

Amazing spectacle demonstrated recently at the Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring. They showed me the planet at a glance, in real time! Bright ball with clear boundaries of continents, seas, oceans and terrain of mountains swam in front of me on the big screen. "Maybe this is computer graphics? The film, created by the animators? "- I tried to center staff. "No — they answered — this is the real picture of our planet's transferred to the new Russian meteorological satellite" Electro-L ".

  • View of the earth from space by satellite "Electro-L"
  • View of the earth from space by satellite "Electro-L"

The satellite launched into space a half years ago. Today its translation are considered of higher quality than the transfer of images from the American and European satellites. In particular, a clear trend of cloud movement already rated meteorologists and rescue workers, and our country is ready to share with the global innovation community. But first things first.

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In May, the Council of the Royal Institute of Navigation has decided to award the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for technical achievement in 2012 GLONASS team for the full deployment of the system in December 2011, and the provision of full-time navigation services.


So, the first domestic geostationary meteorological satellite "Electro-L" created in the NPO. Lavochkin. Point to its location in orbit — 36,000 miles above the Indian Ocean — makes it possible to cover the whole territory of Eurasia. Satellite rotates in sync with the Earth, monitors weather conditions in your line of sight around the clock and provides a picture of our planet, "full-length" every half hour. In principle, similarly working satellites launched by NASA and the European Space Agency. But the Russians have surprised everyone unsurpassed image quality. As it turned out, he managed to achieve through multispectral scanner offered by the specialists of "Russian Space Systems".

  • Yuri Urilich, Chief Designer
  • Yuri Urilich, Chief Designer

— The equipment installed on the "Electro-L" — this is a unique development — said General Director — General Designer Yuri Urlichich Corporation. — We were the first in the world have used a lot of non-standard solutions. First, set the multi-element photodetector, allowing to obtain images in the two visible and infrared bands of eight. The second advantage is that we do not compress the data on board the satellite. Due to this, in our photographs stand out dynamic and smaller objects, the relief of the mountains. By contrast, American satellites is first compressed information and then decode it on Earth, causing some loss of quality, of course, happens. Third, to produce a color image using a separate optical system and a special method of synthesis of the three spectral bands.

I demonstrated how the disk image of the globe, "drawn" on the computer literally 5 minutes — picture grew from the top down, row by row, like a cloth on a loom. And it is in several spectral bands!

— For comparison, a similar instrument, mounted on American spacecraft GOES, spending on "drawing" the same picture 26 minutes — said action director of the Centre for monitoring the Earth's Andrew Shokol. He told how to use the information from the satellite to the needs of the Ministry of Emergency Situations:

— Imagine an emergency, for example, flooding. Rescuers have rushed to get a detailed satellite image of the flooded area. These images are from a closer distance makes nizkolety — satellites, like our "Resource-DK", flying at a lower altitude. So, the only high-altitude geostationary may "prompt" nizkoletu at what point of time over a given site will be clear, cloudless sky. It turns saving time and money.

As for weather forecasters, they are now using the data "Electro-L" to calculate the movement of dynamic objects, ie clouds. For example, before the medium-or low-orbit satellites could take a picture of the same area covered by a veil of clouds, and after a while — the other. What happened between them, remained a mystery. Now, forecasters can follow the movements of clouds, as if through a window of a manned spacecraft from a height of 36,000 kilometers. Moving atmospheric fronts and eddies in front of them — in full view, and in the case of an emergency, "Electro-L" can supply the full amount of information every 15 minutes. That's really really — heavenly office.

But in the future, as the experts have told us Hydrometeorology, they expect to receive from the "Electro-L" is more extensive data package. While meteorologists do not have enough extra cloud characteristics: its altitude, temperature at the upper boundary, and the temperature of the water surface of the ocean, wind speed and water vapor. All of this should come with on-orbit of two satellites of the "Electro-L" in 2013-2014. One will have a point of standing over the Pacific Ocean, the second — over the Atlantic. And use their valuable data will not only Russian meteorologists, and all members of the World Meteorological Organization. Not only that, his next weather satellite Europeans who helped us with forecasts until recently, it was determined to build on our scheme.

— It turns out that we so easily give foreigners to our ideas? — I asked the Honored Worker of Science, Professor Yuri Urlichich.

— Those that can be patented, we are patenting. If something useful invented in Russia, it certainly should be written for us. But those things, which in principle can not be patented, such as ways to clarify the place where the ship is in distress, or a group of tourists, we just do not have to hide law. This is a universal human progress. For example, 30 years ago, rescue satellite system COSPAS-SARSAT has been the subject of competition between the Soviet Union, the U.S., France and Canada. Our country has launched the first satellite — and in 1982, he spotted a signal due to the Earth from the wrecked Canadian pilots. After that incident, everyone understood that there are no boundaries in distress and nationalities. Today, rescue system of all participating countries combined. By the way, in March of this year, thanks to the new Russian GLONASS-K, which is also a repeater of the COSPAS-SARSAT system, were once again saved by Canadian pilots. By coincidence, they were found at about the same place as their countrymen 30 years ago.

— On the plane crashed recently "Superjet-100" was the same system. Why is searching dragged on for so long?

— The distress signal has been received. Most likely, at the instantaneous destruction of the aircraft — because of the impact of the mountain — automatic buoy just do not have time to turn on and collapsed with the liner. He has, alas, there is a thermal and dynamic operability limits.

— Now Russia faces a difficult question: what counts as its national space idea? Previously, people pushed to the stars arms race, and that now can replace it?

— Yes, first there was the first ballistic missile, then the fir
st satellite, the first astronaut, lunar race … This is a very big milestone in history. Now we are more aware — no one alone is not torn on the moon and Mars, because no one country can not do it, interest in space became more pragmatic. For example, a frequently discussed topic of asteroid hazard or relocation of the future earthlings in the event of such an asteroid will actually threaten all life on Earth. Imagine that one of the countries implemented its "national dream" and built a ship-to-move to another planet. The rest should be killed? Agree that this is a very controversial statement of the problem.

— It turns out that humanity simply outgrown the space time separate ideas? Then we need one dream at all … For example, the overall risk — a huge asteroid.

— I think, in search of ideas for all of us it is time to change the vector. Why to move forward we definitely need some kind of danger, the enemy? And if you aim for the development of a universal, infinite human development, based primarily on common sense? Indeed, thanks to space technology, we can solve a lot of problems socially unprotected groups and raise their standard of living. For example, to solve the problem of the digital divide. We believe that in our country this could be done by launching into orbit a total of three special companion.

— Access to the Internet for the uninitiated sometimes sad ending …

— I agree that by itself does not revolutionize the world of technology — the world only change human relationships. For example, providing access to the World Wide Web residents of some villages abandoned in the forest, you can cut off the entertainment portals, leaving only educational.

Yet Goethe said that the relations between people are changing every 50 years: in primitive society could safely kill neponravilis tribesman. Then they began to appear laws, with the growth of living standards and increased the level of etiquette. In Singapore, for spit chewing gum on the pavement already discharged a large fine. Now, in my opinion, mankind must take a new step — to the knowledge society, universal informatization. The only question is whether we are ready for it as the ability to share the benefits of technological progress? We also need to build a society in which access to useful knowledge will not only free, it will be imposed. It is my sincere belief.

— Handing out free riders, we do not undermine the entire economic system?

— The crisis arises not because of charity, but because of speculation on the stock exchanges. And then no one talks about free services for everyone — only for the poor, socially poorly protected and for educational purposes. For all the entertainment in the same online space can charge a fee. I think it's very civilized, for example, such an approach: Steve Jobs has established a fee for access to music resources in the amount of 99 cents. And all rights reserved, and consumers do not take offense.

And anyway, I'm sure that development does not stop, sooner or later, progress still will find its way, as difficult as it may seem at first. The main thing — to each well to do their job, be responsible for it. I learned this from experience, having started as a student to the director. I am responsible for the team, consisting of 5,000 people. And yet — over 12,000 employees in enterprises of our integrated structure. We have the highest wages in the industry among large firms, the highest level of production potential. And it turns out in many ways because, starting from the position of first deputy for more than 13 years ago, I set clear priorities. When, in the years of perestroika, despite the challenging work, the people left in droves from the company because of the minimum wage, it's been a real disaster. And we began to raise the salary. Now people do not go, but I would like to have their salaries were higher.

We like to sprinkle ashes on his head, and say, here lost here behind. In fact, in space, we firmly hold the second in the world after the United States. At times, in some ways even pulled ahead due to technological advances. And that, believe me, a lot. A failure happen at all, without them there is no victories.


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