Metinvest implements advanced technology to protect miners underground

In 2013-2014, the city of PJSC "Krasnodonugol" Metinvest Group will invest about 60 million USD for the implementation of innovative development in the field of industrial safety.

The systems, which are mounted on the mine office Sukhodolskoye Samsonovskaya-East and West, allows real-time tracking of personnel and equipment working underground.

 Until the end of the year to the mine office Sukhodolskoye-Eastern completed installation of a comprehensive process safety and control subsystem of the air and gas. Equipment after obtaining the necessary approvals from Gosgorpromnadzora, will be put into commercial operation.
It is a complex hardware and software tools to retrieve and display information about the location of personnel in mines and mining equipment. At key points in the underground routes are set stationary readers. All information is transmitted to the main server, mining manager.

Shahtoupravlenie Sukhodolskoye-East became the first coal plant in Ukraine, which was set up such a complex system. Its main difference from the already employed counterparts — high-speed methane detector, the positioning of personnel with reference to the work of machines. Due to the autonomous power system equipment continues to operate for a long period of time sufficient to evacuate the miners to the surface in case of emergencies.

Since the beginning of 2014 and will begin implementation of the project "System of emergency protection of the mine Samsonovskaya West. The system will be extended to all mining, tunnel rock faces, equipped with a conveyor belt production, surface and underground fixed installations. Electronically controlled air-handling equipment will keep a record of electricity, to carry aerogas control and fire protection.

"In Metinvest identified five key corporate values. And one of them — the life and health of our employees. We continue to invest in new development needed to reduce the risks and potential dangers in the workplace. What is even more encouraging partners' Krasnodonugol "in the pilot projects are the Ukrainian company — system integrator" Data Express "and the Kharkov factory" Light of the miner. " Scale and integrated approach, this system is unique to the industry, "- said General Director of PJSC" Krasnodonugol "Alexander Angelovski.

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