Metinvest overhauled and modernized the sintering machine MMK Ilyich

At the sinter plant named after Lenin, part of Metinvest Group, completed the overhaul of the eleventh sintering machine. Repair the unit cost of about 50 million hryvnia was completed within 62 days.

In the course of overhauled unloading of the machine, environmental protection equipment, replacement of basalt troughs battery cyclone ignition furnace — a new, improved performance, and also replaced the frame and drive sintering machine.

The unit for the sintering of fines and iron ore concentrate, intended for receiving and cooling the finished sinter, was renovated shop personnel combine efforts.

"In the course of sintering machine repair number 11 design capacity of 125 tons of sinter per hour transferred to the automatic control system based on programmable logic controllers, thus improving its performance and greatly facilitated the work conditions Aglomeratchikov — said Deputy Director General — Chief Engineer of PJSC" Ilyich Iron and Steel . Ilyich "Sergei Matvienko. — Improved quality of work and environmental protection equipment metallurgical unit. Works of Mariupol, part of Metinvest Group, repairing manufacturing equipment pays particularly close attention to the reconstruction and modernization of wastewater treatment plants. "

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