Metrovagonmash completed the delivery of diesel trains for the Serbian Railways

JSC "Metrovagonmash" (MBM is part of ZAO "Transmashholding") has completed the delivery of diesel trains for railways Serbia (Zeleznice Srbije). This was reported in the Department of External Relations of the holding.

Just under a contract signed in 2010, was made twelve diesel trains (DP) in the two-car performance. All of them were transferred during 2011-2012.

The tender for the supply of diesel trains for the Serbian Railways MVM won in February 2010. In addition Metrovagonmash, participated in the competition Spanish rolling stock manufacturer CAF, Croatian TZV Gredelj (Tvornica zeljeznickih vozila Gredelj) and the Slovak company ZOS Vrutky as

DP meets the requirements of the international standards and European standards for noise, energy efficiency, materials, exhaust emissions

Diesel train on the railways using the gauge of 1435 mm. To date, commissioned seven compositions.

For safe and easy movement of passengers throughout the DP, cars are equipped with adapter plate HUBNER (passage width 1550 mm, height 2000 mm), allowing the cars to pass smoothly curved and sloping areas. Heating and ventilation system in the cockpit and the passenger compartment of production Webasto Germany.

In the car with a medical unit near the front door is multi-functional space required to accommodate prams, bicycles, wheelchairs and bulky luggage. In this zone of the sanitary unit and opposite to it on the side walls are fixed folding seat.

Diesel trains and rail buses made in different years at the suburban enterprise successfully used not only in Russia and Serbia, but also in Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary, the Czech Republic.

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