Metrovagonmash completed the execution of a contract with the Nizhny Novgorod metro

Factory near Moscow Metrovagonmash manufactured and delivered the final batch of subway cars 81-717.6/714.6 series. Nizhny Novgorod Metro.

The contract to supply 12 subway cars was signed in July of this year. The first delivery took place in September 2012 (one 4-car fleet composition). The design of new cars has a number of distinctive features: an upgraded electrical equipment DC, new design trolley with leaf frame, providing increased reliability and durability. Salons cars equipped with forced ventilation ceiling. This allows for ventilation of cars not only on the road, but also during the stops.

For interior lighting cars used fluorescent lamps such as "light line". For interior walls are used molded plastic panels of hardly. The seats in the cabin — vandal, using fiberglass frames. For the flooring used durable linoleum. In the frontal part of the body provides emergency exit.

Increased volume of the driver's cab, improved design of the remote control. Location of equipment meets the current requirements of ergonomics and design. In the control room air conditioning (in the base model 81-717/81-714 he is absent), used driver's seat with pneumatic adjustment and vibration absorption.

Metrovagonmash collaborating with the underground Nizhny Novgorod since opening — since 1985 The last delivery took place in 1993, then was transferred to the customer 10 cars. 

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