Metrovagonmash passed six cars Rusich underground Sophia (Bulgaria)

Metrovagonmash trehvagonnyh sent two metros to the Sofia Metro.

Supply subway cars 81-740.2B/81-741.2B model type "Rusich" is part of the agreement signed in January 2013. JSC "Metrovagonmash" shall transfer to the customer 10 metro trains (a total of 30 cars) model 81-740.2B/741.2B. until the end of the year. 

By order of the Sofia subway cars used in the design of the system shumogasheniya, on the inner panels and the back cover is applied "anti-graffiti". Passenger compartment of cars such as "Rusich" provides a high level of heat and sound insulation. Digital information complex in the passenger cabin provides the necessary visual and audio information of passengers: the position of on the line, the next station and the need for information on advertising. Remote emergency communication with the engineer carried out in accordance with the current requirements of ergonomics. The reliability of communication is achieved by using digital technology. The trolley redesigned for a more narrow European track. At customer's cars are equipped with asynchronous traction drive «HITACHI».

Metrovagonmash cooperation with the Sofia subway started from the day it opened in 1998. The current fleet of the Sofia Metro has more than 100 cars. All of them are made in different years at Metrowagonmash.

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