Mexican Navy were supplemented by three Russian Mi-17V-5


 Three Russian helicopter Mi-17V-5 acquired by the Ministry of the Navy of Mexico, arrived on Tuesday to base "Las bajadas" Mexican Navy in Veracruz. These machines have become the first new military transport helicopters produced in Russia, raised in the Latin American country.

We are talking about helicopters production Kazan Helicopter Plant. They are purchased by the leasing system through Banco Nacional de Obras y Servicios Publicos (Banobras) Department of the Navy of Mexico.

Helicopters were delivered by cargo aircraft An-124. And they have already arrived in the assembled state, except for the tail bearing and screws to be assembled on site. Along with the helicopters arrived and the group of technicians who will be engaged in their assembly.

According to RIA Novosti, a source close to the Ministry of the Navy of Mexico, after final assembly to be running rotary-wing aircraft, and will be at the helm of the Russian pilot. Mexican pilots will be able to manage the new machines after signing the acceptance of helicopters.

The uses of the Mi-17V-5 near the Mexican Navy is quite broad. It is this department in recent years, along with the Ministry of Defence is mainly responsible for the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking in the border with the U.S. states.

The contract for the supply of Russian helicopters was signed on 22 December 2011. For an undisclosed amount. On the Russian side of the contract signed by the "Rosoboronexport".

With the arrival of new machines of Russian helicopters used by various departments of Mexico, increased to 35. In the Service of the Ministry of the Navy are already 24 cars, five more using the Department of Defense and the three — Police in Mexico.

According to estimates by the Mexican, Russian helicopters are pretty reliable. In view of the existing fleet of Russian helicopters and opened in 2006 in Veracruz center for repair and maintenance of Russian helicopters, the potential interest of Mexico to continue cooperation in this area is quite high. As sources of stress, after the arrival of the new administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto of the incoming this post on December 1, and the budget for next year with a certain probability we can expect new proposals from the Mexican side in terms of contracts for the supply of equipment.

Currently manufactured in the Russian helicopters, according to expert estimates, about 20% of the market of military helicopters in Latin America and 2% of the market of civilian cars. In the civil sector with the acquisition of Russian-made aircraft was a high demand for leasing services as a financial instrument. In particular, the interest in the use of leasing scheme for buying Russian helicopters showing the operating companies of Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Bolivia.

As reported earlier, Russian Ambassador to Mexico Valery Morozov, relations between Russia and Mexico do not have enough and signed an agreement on military-technical cooperation, and as long as the supply of military equipment are based on direct agreements, as the Mexican Ministry for their needs may enter into contracts for the supply of equipment, and in Recently — on the basis of the tender.

According to the diplomat, the Russian rotorcraft has established itself well in Mexico. Morozov said that there were plans to make the regional service center for helicopters in Veracruz.

Mi-17V-5 is created as a result of the modernization of helicopters Mi-17V-1, developed by JSC "Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil." Kazan Helicopter Plant in cooperation with the Moscow Helicopter Plant realized when finalizing the large amount of research and development activities, making the Mi-17V-5 to become competitive in the global market. Versatility and high performance characteristics have made the Mi-17V-5 one of the most sought-after Russian helicopters.

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