Mexico will bring a communications satellite into space by Russian rocket Proton-M

The Government of Mexico has signed a contract with the U.S. kompanieyInternational Launch Services / ILS / output on a satellite in space communication "MEKSSAT-1" with the Russian carrier rocket "Proton-M". This was reported today HUD majority share is held by the State Research and Production Space Center / Khrunichev / them. Khrunichev.

As she clarified, now adjusted its schedule of upcoming launches to display the satellite "MEKSSAT-1" in geostationary orbit from the Baikonur Cosmodrome at some point in the period 2013-2014. Satellite "MEKSSAT-1", the weight of which would be 5800 kg, is now under construction division of the company, "Boeing" in El Segundo / California / for the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Mexico. The design life of the device — 15 years.

ILS is based in Reston, a suburb of Washington / Virginia / and promotes to the international market "Proton" and the upper stage "Breeze-M" which are designed Khrunichev Space Center Khrunichev. The joint venture was established in 1995 by "Lockheed Martin", Khrunichev and Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" SP Korolev. In 2006, "Lockheed Martin" came out of the partnership by selling a majority stake to one of German businessmen. In May 2008, Khrunichev bought the stake. Since 1996, ILS has carried out 70 launches of "Proton".

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