Mi-28NE went for export

"Rosoboronexport" began to aggressively bring to the world market the latest Russian Mi-28NE "Night Hunter" and Ka-52, said Monday at a press conference at the salon at Le Bourget, the deputy head of "Rosoboronexport" Alexander Mikheyev


"The first export contract signed by the Mi-28NE," — he said, without specifying which country will the helicopters, and the number of ordered vehicles.

Talking about export prospects for the Ka-52, for the first time exhibited at the Salon in Le Bourget, A.Miheev said: "Negotiations are underway. There are formal proposals. They have a lot of interest. "

He recalled that the Ka-52 — "not only striking, but also reconnaissance helicopter, so it has the widest scope."

"In the near future we expect to find a buyer for this car" — said A.Miheev.

He recalled that Russia at the exhibition for the first time shows in the air fighter Su-35 and Ka-52. In the flying program will also participate combat training aircraft Yak-130.

According A.Miheeva, during the exhibition "planned a large amount of negotiations and presentations." "We are expecting a lot of visitors and potential customers. We look forward to working closely with our French partners, "- he said.

All-weather round the clock combat helicopter of the new generation Ka-52 is in service with the Army Air Forces. It is designed to destroy armored and non-armored ground targets, low-speed air targets and manpower on the front line and in tactical depth, to meet the challenges of exploration and management of a group of military attack helicopters. The helicopter has a built-in controls and operates in the field in the standalone mode based within 15 days.

The helicopter is equipped with a multi-sensor targeting system, operating in the optical, infrared and radar signature. Helicopter avionics integrated into a single multiplexed buses integrated complex with a high degree of automation tasks of piloting, navigation, weapons control and coordination of helicopters on the battlefield.

Take-off weight — 10800 kg, maximum speed — 310 km / h cruising speed — 250 km / h, lateral speed — 80 km / h backward speed — 90 km / h, the practical range — 520 km; hovering ceiling — 3600 m length (incl. screws) — 16 m rotor diameter — 14.5 m, the crew — 2 people.; climb — 10 m / s, the maximum overload — 3,5 g.

The Mi-28N is designed to find and destroy tanks and other armored vehicles and low-speed air targets and enemy at any time of day, and adverse weather conditions. The helicopter is armed with built-in unified mobile cannon installation NPPU-28H with a 30-mm gun 2A42, missile complex 9-A-2313 "Attack-in" with the radio command guidance system and supersonic guided missiles (up to 16 pcs.) Supersonic missiles "Igla" ( up to 4 pcs.) class "air-to-air" with an infrared homing head, 80-mm unguided rockets S-8 family of a 20-barrel cannon blocks B8V20-A (2-4 Unit) 122-mm unguided rockets with family -13 5-barrel cannon blocks B-13L1 (2-4 blocks).

The crew placed in separate, tandem cockpits. The navigator-operator — from the front, the pilot — behind and above, which provides a good overview and protection. Widespread use of the Mi-28N transparent armor for the first time allowed to fully book the cockpit (withstand a direct hit by a 20-mm shells).

Normal take-off weight — 11 tons, maximum — 12.1 tons maximum flight speed — 305 km / h, cruising — 270 km / h, hovering ceiling — 3600m, service ceiling — 5700 m normal range — 450 km, ferry — 1,100 km. 2 TV3-117VMA take-off power of 2200 hp

The Mi-28N is adopted for the Russian Air Force as the main type of attack helicopter.


The total cost of the new contract, which was signed by Russia and the United States for the supply of 30 Russian Mi-17V5 helicopters to Afghanistan, more than $ 500 million

"This is — one of the largest arms contracts signed with the United States over the past few decades. Its total cost is more than $ 500 million," — said the "Interfax" a source.

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