MIAS 2012: Everything you wanted to know about Kalina 2, but were afraid to ask …

As part of MIAS-2012 was presented the next generation of the best selling cars in Russia — Lada Kalina. Engineers AvtoVAZ promise not to stop there. Colleagues from Renault will help them upgrade the suspension …



At the Moscow International Motor Show, the premiere of one of the most anticipated new products — Lada Kalina-2. Presentation of the car has increased the interest of the visitors. It could not be, because Kalina — the best-selling car in Russia — for the first 7 months of AvtoVAZ sold 78,669 units (according to AEB). In addition, with the start of production in 2004, the model has never seriously been updated.

According to project leader Oleg Grunenkova, the car became more modern, safe and secure. He also noted that some design changes to the model still occur.

"This is the best-selling cars in Russia, and we hope that these will remain and work on a new project started in advance. Over the past two years, we have implemented on the old Kalina about 20 new options. The interior of the new concept of colors. The new color of titanium — is the latest development of our stylists. We believe that the car was, and so interesting in terms of interior, however, decided to implement new features. As for the technical part, the range of model engines will use a new engine from Granta. In addition, some changes undergone and the chassis. We also have plans to change the suspension — on this issue we are working together with engineers Renault », — said Oleg Grunenkov.

Appearance Lada Kalina second generation until the last moment kept in strict confidence. Being brought to the showroom and installed on the stand, the car was wrapped in a thick layer of black polyethylene and covered with a blanket. Kalina prepared for the world premiere of a very carefully — have discovered part of the body for cleansing, and then closed. Therefore, even the most sly journalist failed to fully capture the car (fragments do not count).

What was disappointing when AvtoVAZ car showed its exterior was "marred" on the Internet in May 2011 (the network appeared the first spy shots of a rough layout Lada 2192). Then many visitors Index lovers Kalina suggested that the model was similar to the hatchback Volkswagen Polo, but this fact was rather pleased than upset.

One gets the impression that the story about the new corporate identity, which was developed with the Russian cultural identity and traditions, has been invented after the WHA decided on the design of future Kalina. Judge for yourself, Steve Mattin, who is now the chief designer of the Volga car, took office in the autumn of 2011, when the appearance of Kalina-2 has already been developed.

However, the design of the front of the Kalina became more attractive — the intricate headlights, a huge sieve radiator-style Ford Focus ST, which is located in the front bumper, fog lights in a large number of nests with decorative chrome items … Even the hood of the Lada Granta was very helpful. But the doors and roof have remained the same, making a new profile is not much different from the current model.

The rear of the car has become more visible due to the large new bumper with a decent lip-step. Lights were intricate form and steel, in general, larger than those that are on the current generation of Kalina. The rear of the station wagon turned and interesting, you can say modern, due to other optics and bumper.

Beauty Kalina-2 has changed completely, with respect Kalina-1. But there is nothing new in the interior, in fact, not — Novikov interior repeats the external decoration of the Lada Granta, just as if it was taken out of the budget compacts and moved to Kalina. The only difference — the emergence of a large 2-pin multi-media screen, which Granta has not yet won.

In addition to the screen, the machine has two cup holders, climate control, audio system with support for mp3, ABS, rear headrests, and other options that correspond to the concept of "Suite" at AvtoVAZ. Also presented at the stand hatchback is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, the Japanese firm Jatco, which was previously set standard for Lada Granta.

Prices for the new Lada Kalina-2 has not been announced, but you can imagine the top bar: Kalina of the current generation in a complete "suite" with all the options that are presented in Kalina-2, will cost 401,000 rubles. If you add the automatic transmission and allow for regular indexation of the cost of cars Lada, the price is the main novelty of VAZ and hope the Russian car industry closer to the mark of 450,000 rubles …

Sales of new wagons and hatchbacks family LADA Kalina will begin in 2013. The car will take the price niche between LADA Granta and LADA Priora. As the power plant will be offered two options for the motor (8-valve and 16 valve) and two types of transmissions (manual transmission with a new cable-operated and automatic transmission). Also, engineers AvtoVAZ together with specialists Renault held a job suspension, the machine became more adapted to the active driving style.

But not only the Lada Kalina-2 has been shown to journalists in the MIAS-2012. AvtoVAZ is presented to the public a new concept crossover Lada XRAY. According to designer Steve Mattin, the car demonstrates the processes and changes that are taking place in the company.

«Lada XRAY — not just the usual concept car. This is — a look inside, "radiograph" processes and changes that are taking place at AvtoVAZ. Lada XRAY «radiates" the idea of a new style of showing the principle of a key stage in the development of design and formation of a new design strategy for the brand Lada. If we talk about the future of the car Lada, it is primarily a concept car Lada XRAY shows how it will look with their front part — what is called the "face" of the brand, "- said AvtoVAZ Steve Mattin.

"AvtoVAZ is another. We are successfully implementing a program of development: from the stage of "survival", the company moves to bring to market new products. Lada Granta was highly appreciated by consumers and gained bestseller status. AvtoVAZ is multibrand: at the end of this year we are starting to build cars Nissan, and in 2013 — Renault », — said during the presentation of the concept of AvtoVAZ President Igor Komarov. 

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