Miassky Ural has released a unique Extinguishing system for the Russian Emergencies Ministry

On the basis of all-wheel drive chassis "Ural-63701" increased weight 6×6, a unique, special — a mobile pump-bag system designed to work in difficult conditions, underdeveloped or damaged infrastructure. This machine combines several functions: it's a fire tank and pump station with powerful submersible pumps and bag car. 


New — the mobile car pump and bag combo "PANRK 4/130 'm — developed according to the instructions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation to carry out tasks for effective fire suppression at sites where for fire fighting requires the maximum amount of water supplied over long distances (up to 3 km ). The unique design is that the car combines several pieces of equipment — it's a fire tank, pump station, which has a strong presence of submersible pumps, bag car for mechanical installation and assembly of the main hose lines.

High performance mobile alluvial station can take water from any water sources at a depth of from 30 to 60 meters from the cliffs, bridges, wharves and work as a supply center for fire extinguishing liquid calculations at a considerable distance from the water source. Powerful submersible pumps are used in remote locations to the main water supply to the pump.

The rapid deployment and high degree of automation stations (all operations are carried out by one expert from a single console) can most effectively deal with fires of any complexity. The complex is very mobile: using a system of automatic winder fire hoses, the car at the speed of 40-50 km / h can for two or three minutes to collect arms, move and pave the tubular three-kilometer line at a new location. Mobile fire complex can fill with water and simmer for other vehicles with a manual fire as the barrel, and with fire monitors. The length of one fire hose — 200 meters, the volume of the tank — four cubic meters. Main pump capable of delivering a second to 130 liters of water. The spacious cabin is located a crew of six. 

The complex can also be used as a pumping station with a huge power man-made disasters as well as natural emergencies — floods and flood: two powerful submersible pump stations are able to pump a ton of water for five seconds.

Another feature of the car — it used high-quality components and corrosion-resistant materials are used — bronze, brass, aluminum. Due to its high corrosion resistance to sea water, the car can be used to extinguish fires in the major seaports.

For optimal performance of the tasks are multi-purpose attachments placed on the chassis of the new high-capacity "Ural-6370" (6×6, gross weight 33.5 tons, 20.4 tons capacity), Serial Line assembly which is conducted at the company since 2010 in various designs "dump truck", "tractor" and chassis for superstructures. Prospective SUVs "Ural-6370" have increased operational resources as staffed units and apparatus that meets international quality standards. Thanks to the powerful off-road qualities chassis "Ural" has always been and are the base for the creation on the basis of their fire tankers, ladders, hose, fire and rescue vehicles. Special attachments established business partner car plant "Ural" — Miasskoe by "Priority".

Appliances such a level necessary to seaports in the protection of large architectural projects (stadiums, storage sheds, industrial shops, airports). The final test of the new car for the fire will be held in February 2012 in the city of Novorossiysk.

Director General Automobile "Ural" Victor Corman: "The interaction with partners and the creation of a modern and passable chassis" Ural "of the new world-class technology — one of the concept of further development of the company. It really is a unique car, today in Russia there is no such machines. "

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