MICHAEL hornet’s upcoming two matches will be crucial

[Img = http://www.rsmfans.ru/images/photos/197.jpeg] [i] Roman Rapscallion, "Soviet Sport" [/ i] During the last two games guest "Rostov" midfielder scored three goals that allowed him to break with fifteen goals in one of the best scorers in the division. However, for Michael Aspen team's results have always been more important than personal achievements. [Cut] [b] NO MAN IN KHABAROVSK POSITIVE RESULT [/ b] [b] — Michael, behind trehmatchevaya guest series and slide it up [/ b]. — When the team is the most important task is to break into the Premier League to score points in every game: absolutely does not matter, we're playing at home or away. I believe that the seven points — an excellent result, despite the fact that we could not keep the winning score in Khabarovsk. Given the distance that we have overcome before these games, a draw in the Far East more than a positive outcome. [B] — The game of Khabarovsk was a very "fun": was it worth to you to come forward, as the hosts immediately compared the bill. Why victory eluded "Rostov»? [/ B] — You know, when we scored the first goal, I was almost sure that we can take away three points. After all, usually by scoring first, we achieve victory. As I see it, we announced the fact that both times the opponent quickly compared the bill. Realizing that the leader can select points, the hosts were much more confident. Especially since the team of Vladimir Faizullina very strong. The only thing that confuses me — flights that they regularly perform. We flew back and forth to feel what it is, and they drive around the country for a year. Now I can say with confidence that it is incredibly difficult! [B] «Chernomorets" and "Kuban" WRITE AND SKA IN THE MIND [/ b] [b] — In the case of two home victories over the "Chernomorets" and "Kuban" will be safe to say that the task is completed? [ / b] — These two games will be decisive. I think if we type them six points, then the problem will be solved somewhere by 90%. [B] — The argument that you will score 15 goals in a season, won by now. Will set a new "strip»? [/ B] — (laughs) I've called a friend with a question that I still need to do this season, because three of the dispute I had already won. On offer to score 20 goals — one refused, apparently afraid (Smiles) said that we would return to disputes in the coming season. [B] — Many fans blamed "Rostov" for the fact that, scoring one goal, the team stops attacking. That can respond to such criticism? [/ B] — Perhaps with the more obvious, but I do not think that we cease to attack. In every game we create a 4-5 hundred percent chances to score, but we have a very lame implementation. Plus, a feature teams Oleg Dolmatova is confident playing in defense. I understand that the fans want to see a major victory in each match, such as in Irkutsk ("Rostov" won 5:1 — approx.), But it is not always possible. [B] — Looking ahead, I want to ask whether you hold in thoughts match on Nov. 6, when will the match between two teams of Rostov? [/ B] — I see the positive side is that for the derby will convene a full stadium — it's great because that this season the fans do not favor us attendance. Of course, much more pleasant to fans to come and watch the CSKA and "Zenith". I hope that we will solve the task, and the next year the people in the stands will be considerably more. As for the fight with the SKA, for me it will be important only from a sporting point of view. We will not succumb to the hype.

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