Michael Osinov: The start in the Premier League have earned in the class.

Rostov midfielder Michael aspen in an interview with Sport-Express talked about the difficult journey back to the Premier League. [Cut] — What season is considered the best for yourself — or the year before that, when scored 12 goals in the Premier League? — 12 goals in the Premier League is probably more valuable than a 16 in the first. Yet choose this season — and in it we have won first place, returned to the elite, and the best player is worth something. Well, 16 goals for the season I had not scored, though some of them from the penalty spot. — One year ago, could have imagined such a finale of the 2008 season? — The hope was to return, but there were many more concerns. Follow the path of "Torpedo", for example, or simply turn into the first league of the middle peasants. It was obvious right away if you will not put a high goal, you can get stuck for a long time. But the leadership was able to provide stable funding to pick upscale coach Dolmatovo good squad, so that by the end of winter, thoughts became lighter. After the first round there was a confidence that will not miss. As for me personally, I know — seven or eight balls are always going to score. But here's the 16 had not expected. — The beginning of the season was given "growth" is difficult. What were the problems? — It took a start so as to be in the leading group. Responsibility shackled, and the first rounds of 10 — 15, we did not show a good game. And then the tension eased. The further away, the less shuffled up, began to understand the core of the team, which also was a positive factor. — What is "growth" was better than the other teams? — A class players. There were many games in which we won it in the class. It was impossible to give up the slack, so we have not lost a twenty-something games until the issue with the output actually did not dare. — Available in the league another Rostov club somehow unnerving? — Most of the plant. Two matches with the SKA on the atmosphere can not be compared with any other. In the first game, CSKA looked better, we have also implemented almost the only chance — again affected class. It is good that we had those games, and wonderful that we are the only country town with his derby. — Is there a guarantee of non-repetition of the disastrous "growth" of the season 2007? — Alarming example of "Shinnik", which is also confidently back over the year and now flies in spite of the millennium of Yaroslavl, and more. We must now do not celebrate, but to begin. — If you imagine that the "growth" would have played with the current composition in the Premier League, the place he'd won? — In European competition would not fall, but in the last two places were not to sure. I'd like next year to solve other problems, rather than simply to maintain residence in the elite. — As far as "growth" needs updating-up? — Maybe 20 percent. Actually, such a rotation is inevitable because of the players we have in the lease, and someone ended contracts. Judging by the selection of this season, our management is able to strengthen the team. (19.11.2008 08:27:11)

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