Migration intake of the Russian Federation supported the birth rate

Rosstat released estimates of population and migration flows as of November 1, 2012. According to the Statistics Committee, in general, the resident population of the Russian Federation amounted to 143.3 million, an increase from 1 January to 246 thousand, or 0.17%.

In November 2011, there was the same, though less pronounced trend — an increase in population by 127 thousand, or 0.09%. The contribution of net migration to the increase in the population in 2012 was still crucial — it was 99.7% of the total.

However, the positive and the natural increase was provided by the excess of births over deaths (see chart). In January-October, an increase in the number of births was noted in 80 subjects of the Russian Federation, the decline in the number of deaths — in 65 regions. "In the whole country for the first time in 20 years the number of births exceeded the number of deaths per 790 people," — said the Federal State Statistics Service. However, in the 44 subjects of the Russian mortality is still higher than the birth rate, in ten regions — by 1.5-1.8 times.

The number of migrants, according to the agency, for the same period increased by 640.1 thousand people, or 26.1% compared to the same period in 2011. However, the population growth of the Russian Federation in January-October 2012 decreased — by 9.2 thousand, or 3.6%, due to the increasing number of emigrants from Russia (by 70 thousand, or 3.4 times) including by immigrants to the CIS countries (by 60.8 thousand persons or 4.6 times). Number of arrivals of migrants from outside Russia also grew at a remarkable pace: 60.8 million people, or 21.5%, including from the CIS — by 53.1 thousand, or 21.4%. In this case, Rosstat said that increasing the number of drop-outs due to a change from 2011, the accounting for long-term migration (in the number of migrants include persons registered at the place of residence for a period of nine months or more). Currently, the number of emigrants get all migrants who remain ended.

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