Mikhail Maksimov, official must run for the owner, and not vice versa

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Minister of Investment and Development told how to appeal directly to the governor and to receive financial support for their administrative business project from the regional authorities. In person and online.

Twenty minutes out of an hour, we agreed to an interview, Michael Maximov showed what kind of life lived investment projects in the shell of the portal U2020.ru. The names of most of them untwisted, of which little is known media — construction, manufacturing, energy and medicine. Such tens but hundreds. Hundreds — is the goal.

"I want to be entrepreneurs are not afraid to bring their applications to this electronic database. Everything is clear, simple, and most importantly — you can see how they are executed. Today the area has attracted $ 200 billion of investment, and it is necessary 500 "- said Maxim.

And shows the branches of discussions, orders, reports and documents. They are really a lot, and the truth is clear who is responsible for what, and what he does. Today all the paper work transferred to the Ministry of U2020, even e-mail the staff closed the portal.

"Previously, the paper could go through the chiefs by specialists a month, and when she came up — deadline for execution of the order. Stacks of accumulated, people sewed up, angry. Now a day thrower. I myself doing it. In an hour I can see everything that has been done, and to intervene if something goes wrong "


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Mikhail Maksimov extremely quickly focused on the portal, and obviously he is not being disingenuous, saying that working with him every day. Or remotely from the office. He's important. Speaking of that base open, he makes only one stipulation — not for everyone. For complete information on the project can only see the investor and artists ministries. Maksimov went for a compromise at the request of colleagues. Professionals with the launch of U2020 was uncomfortable to work, knowing that they can observe not only the head or member of the project, but any registered user.

It should be noted that the portal U2020.ru working on the project management system, "Advanta"

— The portal looks like, by and large, as a highly functional online forum. You do not want to add the pathos, do something more multimedia, heaped up?

— But why? Complexity can only discourage the applicant. Now he has to fill out a small card project: name, file description, the estimated size of their investment and location. Me, my staff initially proposed that there was loaded with as much information until the business plan. But I think it's not necessary. Quite visualize and make contact, so you can communicate with them, to work out the project. I'm still the authors of the projects added to your photo card. To me it's easier to recognize the appeal to tape discussions. All the necessary details to us we will be able to pick up along the way.

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In general, with U2020 increased our productivity significantly. Imagine how many obstacles you have to pass a businessman, to communicate with a representative of the authorities, and then simply fill out a short application form. Of course, I also can not immediately answer, but I still get faster. And plus all the answers remain in the system forever, it just can not be removed. Said — so said.

— If everything is as simple as you say, then why few applications? After all, still want some help from the government. Or is there a problem?

— Two reasons. First — not many people know about this possibility. The second — the lack of budget for capital expenditures related to the support of projects. For example, we are building roads around the area of 10 billion, why not allocate 2 billion to the road where there are specific projects. You're just on a different level'll talk to the investor. From the same developer who wants to make a settlement there. Build a 100 thousand square meters. m — we are the way you spend. Quite a different interest, you know …

— There is a living example of such a dialogue or no funding — no substantive conversations?

— Will the industrial park and the special economic zone "Titanium Valley". Plus developing a low-rise building. We now give them such benefits that are not offered by other regions.

— Not so long ago, you discussed the investment standard. This topic is somehow related to the collection investzayavok on U2020?

— This is a public offer of the regional government to the entrepreneurs. A key parameter: the possibility of communication with the governor, who is personally responsible for the implementation of projects. U2020 — is a direct link. The system stores all relationships on projects and allows to give a report on the work of certain officials of the implementing. There is one important feature — to see where the project is stuck, how much, and subject to understand who to blame and what to do. Of course, you can distribute to investors mobile phone head area, but it is still no one get through. This is what we have all passed. The Governor shall see the big picture, and then deal with each project. And after that, he collects the initiators of ideas which it is subject discusses the implementation of the projects. And he can already see where the documents have been filed in any structure, as long official answer. And then they may ask why this is so.

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You see, the officials also have problems, as in any human system: organizational, management, external and internal. Sometimes it is necessary to help them. They do not always specifically tightening, there are objective reasons. I think the system of online interaction with the business and help topics, and others.

— It turns out that the governor will follow the development of these projects, and in most case the deal in person?

— If you just simply, yes, but not quite correct to use such terminology. Strictly necessary to the lazy who do not want to work. And if you understand where you have a problem, formulate a clear, then take a step to solving it.
Ministry — is a structure that helps the business and take responsibility for solving their issues with the government. Entrepreneurs also need to focus on marketing, technology, and forming their own team. If he does half the time consuming issues with government agencies, it would simply have no time to core business. That's why we want to block communication with the power to take it upon themselves to enterprising people were spending their time on their main business.

— Obviously, the main lure of the system is that the governor will see the appl
ication in person and say that here these support?

— Let it be. But the goal is not the case, and to objectively see the big picture of performance. For example, if in 1000, 700 construction projects is a violation of terms of passing documents to government agencies, it is necessary to understand what the problem is. But not so: pulled out of 100 projects and two were given him the "green light." No problem all controlled manually.
Now technology allows these processes are put on stream. Previously, it had more meetings to hear. And most often it turns into a normal communication, as everyone says about his problem. On the tenth Speaker audience falls asleep. In all electronic clearer and faster.

— It turns out that in the manual mode, moving only your favorite projects that are active PR, but there is unloved, which hangs …

— I honestly do not know why you're dragging me into the psychology of some sort. I talk to the management of the organization, and in this case there are projects useful and unuseful, effective or not. For the Governor of minor projects in the area did not have and never will. It is clear that he is one, but because it is necessary to use its resources more efficiently. He has to analyze and solve system problems. For example, if we consider a construction project or a new industry, its goal — to deal with the allocation of land and the provision of engineering infrastructure. Give directions, for example, to budget the cost of the network, and municipalities to allocate the necessary land.

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In manual mode, bring to 500 billion rubles. investment will not work. I do not believe in manual mode — I believe in the system.

— It is clear that today the tangible budget support to the same engineering there. But the administration, the resource is. How will it be used?

— Now we are thinking about how to adopt a law on the protection of investors from the impact of the regulatory authorities. If they are a nightmare we have to protect them. But I want to stress that firefighters, SES and other controllers are not always wrong. They also do their job.

— It turns out that this law has become a kind of competitive advantage: guys, come to us, we will defend you?

— No need to simplify. If everything could be solved by means of laws, then it would have already been done. If you look at the regions where investors are happy to go (Kaluga, Tatarstan), then we will see what they have achieved not by a single law. They were able to build a system work with investors.

— What can they learn?

— In Kaluga absolute priority rights worker and investor. The system is built: if you want to build a house — come out in a month to the site, the plant — in two. There is a clear system, where to go, what to do. In Tatarstan, as there is a clear industrial cooperation. See what it looks like production machine in Europe, the electronics delivers one manufacturer, hydraulics another and so on. Similarly, in the Tatarstan.

— About what happened in the Soviet Union.

— Yes. The idea is not to build a full cycle and do all the efforts of one company, and keep the inter-industry linkages with the manufacturers of components and assemble a new product with a minimum cost.

— Do you think that the state approval of private projects, the documentary support for the same public relations at a high level will trigger a flow of requests from investors?

— I am a proponent of this view: "Do not teach me how to live — help us financially." Of course, some slogans and programs do not solve the problem. Business — it is a practical surroundings. And if we call to go along with us, the main impetus for this — to reduce financial risks. For example, a business is implementing the project (construction of the plant, property, the opening of IT-companies), the less money he has to invest in the initial stage, the more likely he will agree to do so.

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We have to take the most of the responsibility for the infrastructure stuff. Negotiate with the municipalities of the land, with natural monopolies — the connection with the supervisory bodies — for permits. And the fight for budget funds to stimulate business. In order for the investor not to blame everything: roads, electricity, boilers, etc.

— The regional budget is already made for consideration to the regional Duma. How much of it laid on the kind of support?

— Now it is structured under a different program. Unfortunately, nothing has fundamentally changed. The development budget is in the second stage after social spending. And it is an objective situation.

For us it is a priority — "Titanium Valley" because there are many who want to participate in this project. Our goal — at the end of 2012 to build a whole network to residents could begin construction. Initial costs — 1.6 billion rubles. Although the entire program (including energy) — under the 30 billion rubles., But it's for many years.

— But surely the fact is a selection of projects. Not all applicants as you will engage in an equal volume. What are the selection criteria? For the same "Titanium Valley" …

— Future residents of the special economic zone are certain procedures to be with them. If you want to produce something that is already done in the area — you will be denied. This is logical. Not fair to provide benefits to new companies that will compete with existing manufacturers of the same products. They are something no one had given benefits.

— Give examples of such companies. List of Residents' Titanium Valley "is not public.

— You need to understand that the special economic zone in the same China has been operating for 50 years. This is a long process. If you want to grow the territory, this project is 20-30 years. This system work. In the same Kaluga a long time to work, and now fired and grow 30-40% per year. And all because they were engaged in the development zone 7 years before. You have to understand that the status of a special economic zone — this is a very serious matter. Only four of the region have the opportunity. Two long, and the two now. But do not think that you were given the status of a zone, and you immediately flocked to investors. To get four or five residents, we have to go through a thousand.

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Now in the 150 companies that we offer to become residents. This is such a great long daily work. You have to drive to the investors, looking for ideas. Official should run for a businessman.

— It turns out that the U2020 — it is "transport" for ideas and suggestions?

— Do not make this a panacea for all problems. So will do, we just have to do it first, and the technological capabilities we have. It is important to negotiate with the business, to take over some of its risks. They n
eed to understand that the implementation of the projects will not face some delays because of the power, and that they will not load extra cost. U2020 — simple opportunity to make the official was always on the low startup and seeing some kind of initiative, rushed to help her.

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