"I football team," growth "- the champion. Cohesive, confident, strong, responsible! Put a goal — to become the champion of the second round. Prize — 10,000." This harrowing oath inscribed the felt-tip pen on a sheet of drawing paper, I found the captain of "growth" in his room at the base of the team. — Our psychologist tried — with a smile explains Michael aspen. — That's so charged us extra energy. [Cut] [b] — Oh, is not this has helped you become a better player September to release the "SE"? [/ B] — Yes, I have to be honest, and without psychological mood enhancing drugs always high. And what better recognized — a merit team. Play it bad, I would do one on the field did not. League — not walking tournament. [B] — because you've been playing in it? [/ B] — It was the case. In the 97th, when he spoke of "Uralmash". And then I immediately contracted to Israel left. [B] — The difference between that and the current first league feel? [/ B] — Of course. First flight for the elite fighting one or two teams. And now they claim to five clubs. And those who think the First Division backwater, is mistaken. [B] — Even in your city, there are people who are convinced that "growth" was necessary to survive the retreat to change much in my life. [/ B] — Most of all, they are right. From season to season to fight for survival, to torment myself and fans of the city with such football tradition — not the case. It's a shame to veterans in the eye — Kopaev, Shikunova, Monday. So the first league for us as a cleansing. Fortunately, we did not repeat the sad fate of the "rotor". And for that, thank you to our fans, and the governor, who did not turn away from the team. [B] — What do you personally give this difficult season? [/ B] — Probably sharper began to realize what a sense of responsibility. [B] — I remember four years ago, you could be in Moscow "Dynamo". What prevented? [/ B] — still difficult to understand. Those two weeks in Sochi me to work with Oleg Romantsev a pleasure. We have almost agreed on everything. But then there was silence, and only later I realized that in all of the team solved the rich owner. Therefore Romancev of it left. And the time to judge who was right and who was not. [B] — I know, in the winter you have had good offers from other clubs. There was no desire to change the situation? [/ B] — I could not do it because he felt the same sense of guilt for what happened, like all the others. Although I almost signed a contract with "Ruby". Still, eight years given to this city and this team. [B] — What helped "growth" have a bad time? [/ B] — A great desire to return. We understand if you do not do this right away, drowned in a swamp. An example of this — today's "Torpedo", which was once in the Premier League passed around a winner. [B] — When there was confidence that the return be able to perform the task? [/ B] — After the first round was a hundred percent sure that we will return. [B] — Did not pretend you would expect the current "growth" in the Premier League? [/ B] — I think even in the current we would have something to show to the fans. Gerus, Zivanovic, Shtaniuk, Kulchy, Hong Yong-Jo, Ivan and the others who own the good football. [B] — What are the clubs in a tournament like? [/ B] — "Kuban", "KAMAZ", "Ural". The lobster Tetradze in Makhachkala very nice team. [B] — Who, in your opinion, will be "growth" company in the Premier League for next season? [/ B] — most likely — "Kuban". Victory over it was given a very hard time. For us, it was especially important, as spiteful critics said, that we give up the game of Krasnodar. "Growth" to not play such games. Well, the match broadcast TV. [B] — In future success in the Premier League, what dream? [/ B] — The fact that in this room eventually settled my son Michael, who is now 7 years old. However, he likes to play in the attack. I do not mind. If only the future "growth" was even stronger.

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