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Tell me, but who can take a rod 3 mm thick stainless steel and

drilling a hole therein with a diameter of 2 mm. No, not across, and along

rod to a depth of 3 cm?! It's hard, but you can? Okay. And if you take

in the same section bars 2 mm drill hole therein ideal

1 mm to 2 cm depth? cope?! All right. and if you have at the same time

there is not even an electric drill, and has only primitive hand

brace, which were in vogue in the late 70's? No, I'm not bragging, I

just the same, too, can not! But I know a man who was doing

these things more than once.

The first time, more than 30 years ago, Alexander Perfil'ev — so

name is the master — hamstring, machined by hand harvesting

miniature copies of weapons-grade Mauser bolt gun, drilled in

It longitudinal hole in the air, hand brace. In 1979, the

Ђleksandr to take the first exhibit for their future collections

miniature models of small arms. It was a tiny revolver.

At the same time in the work and it was the second model — the rifle

Mosin. That model, not models. That is, fully operational

mechanisms that have been copied from the actually existing weapons, reduced

4 -4.5 times. Peredrgivaesh shutter cartridge from the magazine raises

and goes into the barrel. Take off the fuse and pull the trigger.

Only the shot does not follow that because the cartridges themselves — it's all the same


This, in truth jewelry work was complicated by the fact that Alexander

did not have at its disposal the present drawings of weapons. He sought out

diagrams and descriptions of devices, and many of the technical aspects had

think out the most and actually re-invent. But this is, in my

opinion, is more complicated than shoe a flea under a microscope or cut

silhouette of a Kalashnikov size of a needle's eye. Especially if

consider that the master at that time there was no normal instrument.

In the 80's in Chita buy is not something that an electric drill, and even a knife to

sausage cut preobresti a problem. So that there is a knife! Herself

sausage, and that was not to buy. Against this background, can somehow strange

Show, from where Alexander took such an exotic

hobbies. Alexander Perfil'ev comes from the village Mangut

Kyrinskogo district. In 1977 he graduated from the Buryat Institute of Agriculture

The farm and came Chita teaching profession mechanization

Marines in one of the colleges. However, for teaching

activities need to be relevant Zkorochki, and Alexander in 1979

went to Moscow for a second, teacher education. ќtot year

study, says Alexander himself, greatly influenced the formation of his

personality. He recalls with great respect teachers Moscow

Institute of Engineers of their agricultural production. Goryachkina, especially

instructor of the course of aesthetics and those of its hours of training, which she

conducted with students not just in the classroom, and at the Tretyakov

Every weekend A. Perfil'ev necessarily walked the exhibition halls.

Ridden a few times in Leningrad, in Yasnaya Polyana, in Tula itself. Namely

exhibits of the Museum of the Tula Arms Factory — miniature replicas of weapons

— And produced by the student Sasha is the most lasting impression. "A

because I, too, can do the same, or worse, "- he thought, and

begged curator book booklet of exposure.
In June 1980, all the "extra" people were asked to remove from Moscow to

the Olympics-80. Sasha returned to Chita. In addition to the booklet and

The inspiration he brought a set for carving, which buy

Chita — this one could not even dream of. Here it should be noted

that Alexander's hands grow from childhood where necessary, he bad

draws from childhood all the time something carpentry work and his enthusiasm

Every Kind of crafts and applied arts have not after

tours of the Tretyakov Gallery, and long before the opportunity to get in the best

museums in the country. In short, returning home, Alexander took over

mosinskoy model Mauser rifles and using "a sledgehammer, crowbar and

a mother "(c) Needle and hand brace. At today

Alexander's day in the collection of about fifty models made for

— So, it turns out that one model you expend seven or eight

MONTH — I ask Sasha. — By the way, in spite of the fact that the master

Today, 56 years old, looks very cheerful, fresh and somehow it does not go

magnification by my name. — Well, yes, we get about taky. Although,

I'm not fond of arms alone.
Alexander, as I said, is keen on carving, Permanent

something designs and even reinvent the wheel.
The first bike he designed in the '80s, when a little boy (and at

Sasha's two of them) stopped going to stay in the yard. "Everyone rides a

mokiki, and I do not give. " — "There is nothing we are you such a device

gather that all of you will be running. " Two days were consumed in the garage

and some of the old parts and the parts assembled bike unusual

design, ka where you could sit in a car seat.

And in fact, not only the kids from the neighborhood envious, but also

adults curious Chinese market with neighboring asked: "Sell!"
Today, almost all models of Alexander Perfilieva can be seen in

two large windows in the central hall of the Trans-Baikal

Art Salon. Interestingly, many visitors ask:

"Can I buy?", And often want to buy again the Chinese.
In addition to the infantry models are exhibited, made by hands A.

Perfilieva miniature battle swords, axes and guns. Of guns in general

You can shoot at the present, if the charge of gunpowder and small

Alexander was very proud of the sword, tied in a knot. This symbol

"The end of war", he started a few times — to achieve aesthetics node.

High-alloy steel does not go to bed in a nice loop.
This is not the first exhibition of the master weapon miniatures. The work is always

arouse interest among the audience, and sometimes to their author treated

unexpected questions. Called the man, who gave police major

of the permit system, and asked:
— You are there weapons vystaviliY. The current? And you can see, in the hands of

hold it?
— It is possible even to shoot, if patrons bring combat — joked Sasha.
— And what caliber?
— Two millimeter.
All models touch undesirable. One day the father of Alexander without

the knowledge of his son suffered a collection of work to show off to co-workers.

Guys his coarse fingers turned fuses, bent

shutters half
modeleyY. Alexander the fingers too far

girlish, calloused hands, which is called — labor. It parses

Kalashnikov and it seems that the items are lost in the folds of his ladoneyY.
I'm personally not fond of guns, but I have a strong model

impressed: they are gem quality, precision and aesthetics can not be

leave no one indifferent spectators. Can you imagine how they

people react to contact with the army and the more involved in the

On his first day at a street fair in the city in 1983,

Alexander says he has laid out on the table at the Theater Square

all 5-6 models. Around the miniature weapon, which was among the

"Kalash", spinning mostly boys:
— AH-Anka, and Kalash truth like?
— Sure
— No, it is not so! And let dismantled.
— No, I can not, you will break or drop items
— And how to prove that real?! Ќe-e is not real!
1983 — it was the war in Afghanistan. The wounded Soviet soldiers

treated in all hospitals of the USSR, and also in Chita. Came up to the table

a young soldier in the form of series, with a stripe of injury. And also showed

interest in the "Kalash": "You can?".
— Here, — said Alex kid — now a soldier's see if he

say that the present, believe? Man disassembled, assembled machine

put into place, then, with tears in his eyes reached into his pocket, pulled out

handful of sunflower seeds and held Sasha:
— Let your hands, brother
— Yes, I do not need your seeds!
— But I have much more there is nothing else!

All kinds of people hurt the soul perfilevskie work.
Alexander taught at the college, after labor in gold mining

the farm, restored church in. Dono Љalganskogo area

School training as a teacher of agricultural workers

economy. Then eleven years, led the design office

furniture factory, "Ant." There, in the trade department of the factory to stand showcase

with Sasha's work. Customers come for the furniture stayed

at the window. Such a small, a permanent exhibition. "One day I come to the

Department, — says Alexander — and I'm talking guys movers:

"Substitute the two hands" and poured them into the second half a dozen medals

Domestic. ѓovorYat, came an elderly woman with her grandchildren,

watched smotrelaY then went away, came back an hour later and said:

"Tell Perfiliev. They had better prigodYatsYaI. Now I have these awards

I put in the window, along with the Order of my grandfather, who fought. Here

such a story. "
Yes, that's the story transbaikalian Zlevshi. That's the kind of person — Alexander Perfil'ev live in our city, and continues to

traditions of Russian craftsmen who can shoe a flea. And the exhibition

works by Alexander Perfilieva in art interior also continues.

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