Milk-cattle complex Radna (Samara region). Introduces modern technologies

Milk-cattle complex "Radna", included in the group of companies "Rossby", created in the spring of 2011. Number of animals in the dairy complex "Radna" will make 3400 goals, including 1,800 dairy cows. The estimated gross milk yield will be 12-13 thousand tons per year.

The total investment will amount to 600 million rubles, payback period will take 9 years. The number of employees of the enterprise — 47 people.

The need for high-speed mobile Internet came from the farmers after the purchase of innovative equipment — milking robots, allowing several times to increase the profitability of the company.

Besides the fact that milking robots can replace human labor, they read and accumulate information on each animal, sending data to a single information center in Germany, where is the centralized monitoring of the process and the state of milking cows.

After the base station the third generation of "MegaFon" will be possible to transfer information at speeds up to 14 Mbit / s. Even today, "subscribers" were 700 cows. By mid-2012, with the help of mobile operators will be modernized milking process more than 1.5 million cows

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