Mini bulldozer B-8 production CTZ — Uraltrak won the competition 100 best goods of Russia

Previously, the smallest in the country bulldozer had to be recognized on a similar show of the regional. Now — well-deserved success for the whole country. In addition, B-8 is marked in the category "Innovation of the Year."


Equipped with a diesel engine and an Italian modular bortreduktorom, this model is fully compliant with Euro-4. "The Kid" thrust eight tons was originally conceived as a "smart" car. It has an automatic transmission, easy control joystick, smooth running, zero turning radius. In other words, it can be rotated around him, on the spot, making it especially maneuverable. Besides, "eight" special level of comfort. Excellent noise isolation booths provide modern sound-absorbing materials.

Electronics brands "CTP" regularly wins the competition "100 best goods of Russia". The favorites of yesteryear were bulldozers B-10M, B-11, B-13 and all wheel loaders enterprise.
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