Mini-processing plant and waste recycling started in the Kuzbass

Unprocessed at the plant debris remains to be disposed of here, at the site.


The experimental mini-plant recycling household waste began working in Belovo Kemerovo region, is planned monthly sort of about 5 tons of plastic packaging, according to the city administration.

"Housing Enterprise built on the site of the old municipal solid waste landfill, which were carried out before the construction of large-scale preparatory work: done up the road to the future of the factory, established lighting and backfilled to prevent spontaneous combustion of solid clay pillow" — said in a statement.

The main component of the mini-complex — the mechanized line for waste separation. Arriving at the plant waste will be sorted on cardboard, plastic and aluminum. The remains of garbage here, at the site will be disposed of in such a way that they will not damage the environment.

"The construction is unique to the city and the region of the plant at a cost of 6.9 million rubles. Part of the funds sent the local budget from the regional treasury a grant program to support small businesses (as) head was enclosed landfill. Waste not be dumped as before, but after sorting in the form of briquettes will be sent for processing in Novokuznetsk, "- said the representative of the municipality Belovo.

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