Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation: gross grain yield and exceeded last year’s figures

In Russia, grain and legumes threshed with area 32.3 million hectares, accounting for 70.1% of the sown. Gross yield amounted to 72.4 million tons of grain yield at 22.4 t / ha, compared with 63 million tons of grain last year, with a yield of 18.3 t / ha. 

As of September 19, threshed wheat from an area of 17.9 million hectares, or 71.2% of the cultivated area. In 2012, the harvest was made up of 19.8 million hectares. Gross yield was 45.2 million tons of grain, which is significantly higher than last year's result, as the yield of 25.3 t / ha, whereas in 2012 it was recorded 18.6 t / ha, RBC reports quoting the website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Barley threshed with area of 7 million hectares, gross yield was 14 million tons yield of 20 t / ha, in 2012, collected 18.5 kg / ha.

Threshed corn from the area of 254,000 hectares, harvested 1.2 million tons of grain. Yield was 48.5 t / ha (2012. — 42.3 t / ha).

Figure threshed on an area 31.2 thousand hectares harvested 174.5 thousand tons with a yield of 55.9 t / ha, which is slightly lower than last year.

Sunflower on threshed grain from the area of 796.3 thousand hectares. Harvested 1.7 million tons of seeds, with an average yield of 21.6 t / ha, whereas last year the oilseed yield was 17 kg / ha.

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