Ministry of Agriculture: to July 26 in Russia collected 33.6 million tons of grain

By 26 July, Russia harvested 33.6 million tons of grain, which is 8.8 million tons more than in July 26, 2012 The average yield was 28.5 centners per hectare (kg / ha), which is 23.9% above last year's crop, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Grains and legumes threshed from the area of 11.8 million hectares (25.6% of the planted area), which is 1 million hectares more than last year. Cleaning is in the South and the North Caucasus Federal District, as well as in certain regions of the Central, Volga and the North-West Federal District.

For grain harvesting began in the Smolensk region and the Primorsky Krai.

Wheat harvested 27.8 million tons (36.1% of the planted area), which is 8.4 million tons more than in July 26, 2012 The average yield totaled 30.7 c / ha against 24.6 c / ha last year.   

Barley harvested 3.1 million tons (14.8% of the planted area), up 1 million tonnes more than last year, the average yield totaled 24.1 c / ha against 22.5 c / ha last year.

Winter rapeseed harvested 289.7 thousand tons (71.8% of the planted area) with an average yield of 16.8 t / ha to 14 kg / ha in the previous year.

In the Southern, North-Caucasian, Central and Volga federal districts Cleaning is early potatoes and vegetables. In the whole country potatoes removed from the area of 21.1 hectares, harvested 363.4 thousand tons at an average yield of 172.1 kg / ha.

PS Let me explain why productivity has declined. In this case, to clean as you can see, connected regions of the Central Federal District and the Far East, and where the average yield is much lower than in the south. Coz that special! No need to panic.

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