Ministry of Defence agreed deadlines and plans new set of anti-satellite test of defense Crone

The complex 30P6 Contact / MiG-31D / 79M6

Ministry of Defence agreed deadlines and plans new set of anti-satellite test of defense "Crown", according to the plan they have to begin at the end of this year.

The main focus of these tests will be made on the interaction of various components, especially percussion tools with ground radar-optical complex (ROC) search and identification of artificial satellites of the Earth, written on Thursday "News" with reference to the data obtained from the officer informed the General Staff.
"Radars are old Soviet index 45ZH6 since made back in the 1980s. But they seriously upgraded in 2009-2010, conducted state tests. By the very ROCK claims we do not have, "- said the source.

Complex "Crown", the design of which was conducted under the leadership of VP Sosulnikova and ND Ustinov, for automatic detection of high-orbit space objects at altitudes up to 40,000 km, to determine their orbits, the establishment of classes designed, state, and national appliances. It consists of ground and air components. Ground ROCK 45ZH6 consists of a radar station (radar) and laser transmitter, which specifies the range and motion vectors of the target. The complex includes a new generation of radar and laser radar station.

Work to deploy complex "Crown" in the 1980s, began in the Far East and the North Caucasus — a Zelenchukskaya in Karachay-Cherkessia. Radar Node in the North Caucasus has been put on experimental combat duty in 1999, was planned before the end of 1999 node in the Far East will also be put on combat duty.

According to other reports, one set at the Sary-Shagan in Kazakhstan, the second — in Moscow, the third — in the village watchtower of the Stavropol Territory.

In addition to the terrestrial component of the Soviet defense industry had to modernize three high-altitude interceptor MiG-31, which was given the task of delivering anti-satellite missile in the upper atmosphere. Planes were designated "D" and armed with missiles 79M6 "Contact" with a kinetic warhead. The bar that was supposed to hit enemy satellites.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union "Crown" was abandoned. Land and air components used separately, and in the "non-core" purposes. Development of a "contact" Russia has stopped. MiG-31D remained in independent Kazakhstan. There have tried to adapt the Soviet equipment for launching small rockets, but they did not succeed.
I am glad that did not throw the old themes and develop them further

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