Ministry of Defence has ordered 10 EW systems

Engineers Military Industrial Company (MIC) and the Institute "Standards" developed for the Armed Forces highly mobile automated complex electronic warfare (EW) based on the armored car "Tiger", the press service of the military-industrial complex.

"Until recently, most of the cars were supplied in electronic warfare troops on the chassis or non-armored army trucks or on the chassis of multi-purpose light-armored tracked carrier MT-LBU. And they both have significant size and limited maneuverability. Now the army was highly mobile and secure complex of electronic warfare on the basis of "Tiger", — said the press service.

It notes that the Defense Ministry is planning in 2012 to acquire more than a dozen of these complexes.

The report said that the Institute created by the experts "Standard" equipment Complex "Leer-2" harmoniously blended in zabronevoy amount of "Tiger-M".

"Now, this complex can be operated in the vicinity of the front edge of the enemy, which provides a more efficient means of electronic warfare", — the press-service of the military-industrial complex.

The press release states that the new automated complex electronic warfare designed for signals intelligence emitters, jamming and jamming electronic means (RECs).

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