Ministry of Defence has renewed a permanent military presence in the Russian Arctic

The grouping of the Northern Fleet ships embarked on a major event on the New Siberian Islands. The detachment led by the heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great".


The Ministry of Defence has renewed a permanent Russian military presence in the Arctic, organized a campaign group of warships of the Northern Fleet in the Arctic regions of the Northern Sea Route. This was announced on Saturday, First Deputy Defense Minister Arkady Bahini after a telephone conference was held under the supervision of the Head Minister Sergei Shoigu, the arrival of the detachment to the west coast of the island Boiler (New Siberian Islands).

"Two days ago, the grouping of the Northern Fleet embarked on a major event on the New Siberian Islands. We got there, or, more precisely, back forever," — said Bahini.

  • Cruiser Peter the Great
  • Cruiser Peter the Great

At the head of the detachment was heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great".

The first deputy minister added that the tasks that perform ships SF — "This is the first part of the tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation and the Minister of Defense for the development and improvement of the entire Northern Sea Route and the adjacent areas of the Arctic." "The task is very much, they are complex and difficult, but we are certainly feasible, for that we have everything, and above all trained professionals who will do all this work," — said Bahini.

According to him, this is just the beginning. "Subsequently, the forces of the Federation Council will do the same on the complexity of the problem in the area of Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya region," — said the first deputy minister.

Heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great"

He said that the New Siberian Islands is restored and improved airfield "Temp", which in October will be able to take aircraft An-72 and An-74. According to him, Shoigu set a target to expand and extend the runway of the airport to receive the heavy aircraft such as the "Antey" and IL-76, which will allow us to increase the grouping of forces and facilities on the islands.

"Air transportation is a regular, year-round and all-weather. We must restore completely the polar aviation and its infrastructure. This includes continental items on its home base, and island," — he stressed. It is also about strategic aviation, to intensify research and field work on the high-latitude Northern Sea Route, added Bahini.

Answering the question what will be the airfield "Temp" Bahini said: "The construction will be carried out using the latest technology. This relates directly to runway surface, which must meet the rigorous climatic conditions in the Arctic. During installation will cover the materials used to withstand extreme low temperature. This will be a permanent airfield. "

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