Ministry of Defence signed contracts for the development of nuclear submarines


The Russian Defense Ministry has concluded with the United Shipbuilding Corporation contracts for the development of modernized nuclear submarine project 885M "Ash" and 955A "Northwind", RIA Novosti reported. The agreement was signed in Severodvinsk in the presence of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In addition, the Russian Defense Ministry has signed contracts for the construction of the submarine project "Ash" and rescue vessel of 21,300. In total, the Ministry of Defence has signed seven contracts totaling 280 billion rubles.

The contract to develop the modernized submarine project "Ash" signed with the St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau "Malachite". According to the agency, the improved design of the submarine is slightly different from the base, it is completely abandoned military counterparty supplies from neighboring countries. The agreement for the construction of the submarine project "Ash" was signed with the Severodvinsk shipbuilding enterprise "Sevmash".

The development of the modernized submarine project "Borey" project under a contract with the Ministry of Defence will deal with the Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering "Rubin". Details on these contracts and the project is not yet known. Earlier it was reported that the nuclear submarine of project 955A will be different from the basic design 955 with modified computer systems and increased from 16 to 20 units of missile silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles R-30 "Bulava".

The contract for the construction of the Project 21300 rescue ship got Petersburg "Admiralty Shipyards". This vessel is designed to rescue the crews of submarines in distress, which are on the surface or lying on the ground to a depth of 700 meters. Ship of the project 21300 is equipped with deep-water device, deep-diving equipment, decompression complex, autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles and diving post.

It clarifies the ITAR-TASS news agency, said the contracts were signed in the framework of the state defense order for 2011 and the planning period of 2012-2013. Funding is through the Russian state armaments program 2011-2020, providing for the costs of upgrading the Russian fleet in the amount of 4.7 trillion rubles. This year, for the construction of nuclear submarines, frigates, ship repair and maintenance of ships budget will be allocated 85 billion rubles. In 2012, this figure will increase to 93 billion rubles.

Earlier, the Department of the Ministry of Defense of Russia to secure state defense orders Vernigora Andrew said that November 9, 2011 with USC must be signed five contracts. In particular, it is the reduction of technical and development project on missile cruiser "Admiral Nakhimov".

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