Ministry of Health of Russia declares war on smokers

In the State Duma has already introduced a bill to seriously tighten the fight against nicotine addiction. All innovations Russian experts discussed with their counterparts from Belarus and Kazakhstan. Until the end of this year, the country's customs troika should develop a common technical regulation for tobacco products.   Smoke or not to smoke in Russia — now it has to determine the law. The draft document, which has already been introduced to the State Duma, was named the most stringent in the country's history. Fans will be delayed not only scare scary pictures on cigarette packs, which, by the way, and will rise in price by half, but will be fined. For example, not only for smoking in public places, but even for smoke breaks at work.   The list of places that bans smoke, barely fits on two pages of the bill. Net zones will not only hospitals and schools, but also hotel rooms, markets, underground passages. Also, find your favorite brand of tobacco will soon be not easy. Cigarettes will be removed from the public sale and will only be available at the request of the buyer. And soon a pack without fear and not look. Already approved by the frightening images and holograms, which are the first of July will be on cigarettes. Glamour is no more.
    Daria Halturina, chairman of the Russian anti-tobacco coalition: "How effective are the graphics, which show the real harm of smoking. "Smoking destroys and kills" and "Death of a tobacco" — extremely unsightly, yet the human mind seeks to hide all the ugly facts. It is therefore necessary reminder of the truth. "   Another innovation — to ban tobacco producers to sponsor events and organizers of all lotteries. Scenes of cigarettes will eliminate all of the films and programs for teens. By the way, the first polls sociologists clear — 70% of Russians support tough measures against smokers. The fact that the new bill is bad for health, says only tabakoproizvoditeli. Like, every time, to smoke, people will go out into the street, where most of the time cold. Greater risk of getting sick.
  Dmitry Yanin, chairman of the International Confederation of Societies of rights consumers: "Tobacco campaign did not want to lose a sale because any restriction on smoking in bars, schools, office buildings — a reduction in cigarette sales, they do not want to lose to Russia two billion dollars. They tell stories about what a smoker has rights envelop with smoke waiter who can get sick — this is pure economics. "   Prospects for tighter anti-smoking legislation Russian doctors are now discussing with their counterparts from Belarus and Kazakhstan. Work has already begun on the development of a common technical regulation for tobacco products to be sold in the territory of the Customs Union.   At all disturbances followers addiction of discrimination and infringement of their rights Russian doctors now meet legal terms. In the Russian legislation, they say, for "smokers" does not provide a specific legal status. But the duty to live in a healthy environment, in contrast, is enshrined in the Constitution. Video here:

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