Minnibaevo GPP increased capacity for ethane

Nizhnekamsk, 29.12.2010.

"Tatneft" has launched a cryogenic plant for deep processing of dry stripped gas (SOG) on GPP Minnibaevskaya

The capacity of new installations — 395 million cubic meters of gas per year. After its launch in the production of ethane gas processing plant will grow by 1.5 times — from 90 thousand to 140 thousand tons per year, production of dry gas — up to 198 million cubic meters.

Entering the plant will increase the supply of ethane to "Kazanorgsintez", which in December increased its production capacity for ethylene in 1,5 times — up to 640 thousand tons. Now the company will be able to process 716 tons of ethane per year, while next year's scheduled delivery in the amount of 440 thousand tons.

To implement the project have been considered several options for technology and as a result selected cryogenic technology for deep processing of dry stripped gas, which resolves issues of calorific value of marketable gas and provides nitrogen removal by increasing the depth of selection of ethane fraction to 91% of its capacity in the oil gas.

The developer of the technology is the American firm "Galsbi Engineering", which took place and the supply of equipment. Said apparatus is unique in Russia.

The general designer was chosen of "Spetsneftegazproekt" (Kazan), the general contractor was Ltd. "NefteGasEngineering" (Nizhnekamsk).

The basis of the cryogenic plant also laid a modern, world-class energy-saving technology for deep cold (- 183.7 deg. C), its re-use and high degree of automation. Used in the construction of a unique cryogenic foreign equipment is custom-made.

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