Minusinsk farmers have been used rape

In the village of Novotroitskoe forage crop produced oil. In the west, especially in European countries, this technology is rather widespread, but in Siberia farmers are the pioneers in the development of this promising area.

The idea of making oil from rape appeared three years ago, after the crop has been actively cultivated in the fields of agricultural enterprise. Yields rose was bought and renovated an old creamery. The production process started in September 2011. For change farmers produce more than one ton of oil. Products are in demand and is sold mainly in the poultry farm. Bagasse — the substance of the pressed oil — is fed to livestock.

Manufacturing technology of oil from rapeseed is simple and extremely beneficial. Raw comes to cleaning, warming up into mush in the unit that resembles a meat grinder, and is preparing to hot pressing.

Equipment almost all domestic, with the exception of the German press, the recovery of which had to include ingenuity.

Note to grow canola in times more profitable than wheat. The plans for the future — the production of rapeseed oil suitable for food for the people.

Another plus rapeseed oil, which is worth paying close attention: this organic product is one of the cleanest diesel counterparts and can easily replace it in the tank car.

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