Mirrors — healers

October 23, 2011 13:35

Mirrors connected hundreds of thousands of superstitions. Spaniards believe that by hanging mirrors on the shoulders of young children, they will save them from the evil looks. We Indians, Tajiks and Persians known wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom should look into one mirror to mirror twin relationship strengthened earthly marriage.
Moreover, in some cultures the bride and groom can see each other for the first time is reflected in the mirror, but not directly. That is, knowledge is a mirror twins.

Legend has it that in ancient mirrors entered the souls of all who saw them. If the mirror holds a reflection of an evil man, or saw the murder scene, then it becomes very angry. Such a mirror is always cold to the touch, before it goes out church candles, and it may bring trouble to a new owner, until his death. This mirror must be broken, and the only way to get rid of the curse which it concluded.
They believe that a mirror can bring damage. If a person looks in the mirror with your wishes evil, those wishes can be fulfilled. That is, the mirror will become a drive and emitter of negative energy. It is known that Ivan the Terrible ordered his wife only the mirrors that were made blind, so as not to jinx it or put a spell.

But getting rid of corruption, too, with the help of a mirror. If you hang it in the room where your guests are going, it will take away all the evil itself. Then clean the glass while it is only the store, but not the transmitter. Recommended cleaning with cold water.

Mirrors healers

Today, mirrors are the most diverse applications. To get rid of inner feelings and depression, psychologists advise to look in the mirror more often. Scientists have just discovered that the suicide death decided to look in the mirror, broke away from his reflection in it with a love of life. And vice versa. In one of the New York Institute of long studied the effect of the mirror on the human body. In the end it turned out that a healthy and self-confident people who loved a long time to see themselves in the mirror, began to experience chronic fatigue and memory impairment.
Paracelsus with their help a doctor. Today, many fortune-tellers and witch successfully use mirrors to heal the sick. They recommend to put a mirror on a couple of hours in the sun, then go up to him and whispered: "Mirror, mirror, take my illness, give me a ray of sunshine." So stand for 5-10 minutes, then rub a magic item with holy water and close the opaque cloth.
Surprisingly, the scientists were able to prove that such ceremonies have a scientific explanation. It turned out that the mirror Evaporated metal warm shades (bronze, brass, gold, copper) absorb the cold, depressing energy flows and reflect the warm and sunny. Metals cool colors work the opposite. So the conspiracy before a mirror-plated brass, if not cure to the end, will bring significant relief.
To give your eyes a rest after long sessions on the computer or watching TV, ophthalmologists suggest using a candle, for which at a distance of 5-10 inches placed mirror. Within 10 minutes to see what turns on the candle flame, then the mirror. This exercise acts as a gym for the retina and the brain. As a result, the eye muscles are unloaded, the pressure inside the eyeball to normal and vision improves dramatically.
Another is that if you look in the mirror, wishing myself the best, to do to him something like anger management, assuring his reflection, that it is — the smartest, most beautiful, and best of all, the twin who lives in a mirror, ensure that these dreams .

Mirror in terms of Feng Shui.

There are even rules for placing mirrors in the apartment. For example, any mirror should be hung so that it does not cut the head of the highest in the family. Chinese teaching feng shui home improvement also attaches great importance to the placement of the house of mirrors. They are not recommended to hang in the bedroom next to the bed and in the hallway in front of the door. In the first case, they will take your strength and beauty, the second will contribute to the outflow from the house of positive energy. Welfare also bring mirrors in hallways, living room and kitchen.

"The magic talking mirror"

Working with mirrors and modern inventors. American Craig Barr, conducting development in animatronics and took part in creating a model of King Kong for the same movie, the newly invented magic talking mirror that, in addition to the aesthetic value, people will bring many benefits. Zazerkalny interlocutor on behalf of the owner of Basil report on events at home in his absence.
To mirror is connected to multiple cameras, which will be located throughout the apartment, and in case of any trouble Basil warn the user about the danger.
Even more magical mirror built English scientists. In it you can see the future! One has only to press a button to take a look at your reflection in the mirror, and it will take you for many years to come.
However, need to be prepared for the fact that the picture will unattractive. After all, a lifestyle that is modern man does not have to ensure that the evening of life we all turned into a handsome old men and old women. Therefore acquire a miracle mirror should be solely for the sake of after one glimpse at his bleak future, covered with wrinkles and hung with all sides folds of fat, to become convinced adherent of a healthy lifestyle.

"Painting How will I look like in a few years is created by combining several portraits that seamlessly naschelkivayut webcam, located in different parts of the house and on the sides of the mirror. Another source of information are the sensors that tell the machine honestly, how many hours do you spend in a horizontal position, how much time you looked in the refrigerator as long sitting in front of a TV and so on. "

Then mirror analyzes this information and provides joyless result — shows how devastating the impact on the life you like in just a few years.
The system can be adapted to account for the various parameters. In particular, the complex can be programmed to demonstrate the consequences of too frequent exposure to the sun, of the abuse of cigarettes, alcohol or food. For example, too frequent use of high-calorie food system interprets as a tendency to gain weight. If then a man looks at himself in the mirror, it will form an image on the screen with the extra weight, which in theory can be recruited over the next few years.

According to researchers, the magic mirror will have to encourage people to change the way of life, which can harm the health or impair their physical condition.
One of the developers of the device, Dr. Andreas del Valle, admits that the face in the mirror is able to make a lasting impression on the person …

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